Pleasures of mfm -- such fantasies to fulfill  

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2/18/2006 11:13 am

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Pleasures of mfm -- such fantasies to fulfill

I do have some experience of the pleasures (and a few of the pitfalls!) of mfm, but I have never before met a strange couple through a Friendfinder -- it is soo scary and SOOO exciting!

I am haunted by two scenarios: in the first, I have made contact with a friendly couple and invited them to a "blind date" weekend at my cottage in Wales. In the second, it is I who go visit a strange couple for thefirs timeI have stoked up the fire till it blazes, thrown a big cuddly duvet on the floor and filled the room with candles. In the kitchen I have a meal ready waiting for them, and a really nice wine.
There is a knock on the door... and I have my first glimpse of the total strangers I have invited to join me. It is strange to see them so clothed, when in AdultFriendFinder they were mostly naked. There is a sizzle of sensuous anticipation in the air as I undress them both in my mind, fitting the strangers to my memory of those luscious bodies in the photos. The faces are sort of familiar -- the friendly eyes dancing in the candlelight -- and as I help the lady out of her coat I remember from the curve beneath her dress the beauty of the butt in the pics, and the softness of the breasts. As I help the man, I remember the warmth of his chest, his thighs, and the memory of his cock-pic. Yes, I want to spend time with these two -- and how!
More if you want me to continue -- or contact me and we can act it through!!

The second scenario is the other way round -- driving through strange streets in the twilight, looking for a road and a house number... Giving my cock a friendly squeeze from time to time, promising it an evening to remember... At the door at last, waiting for it to open... the pleasure of meeting at last, the excitement of sitting down together and making our first friendly small talk, all the time so aware of the growing longing to be shed of all the clothes except the sexiest, to be touched and touching, drinking in the scents of an excited pussy and beginning to share the stalking of our pleasure together, wherever it leads....
Again, more if you want me to continue, or invite me over and we'll act it out...

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