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2/7/2006 12:48 pm

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Random Musing

I had a thought the other day, one I'd like to share.

I am a reasonably dominant individual. Reasonably as I've long ago learned to keep my urges supressed around those that don't appreciate it, to only go so far with a partner, no farther.

I like bondage. I like being the one doing the binding almost exclusively. Lets not dwell on the one exception to this rule, as it is unimportant. Bondage is less about control, than it is about giving up freedom, to me. The sub must willingly allow herself to be bound for it to have attraction.

But of all the methods of binding, one speaks louder than all the others. Forget collars, forget corsets, forget hobble dresses and fetish heels, forget leashes. In fact, forget the non-bondage methods of being a sub. Forget oral sex, forget kneeling or saying 'Master'.

No. Binding the wrists, be they to another object, or merely to each other, that is the truest type of bondage, the surest sign of submission.

And like the dynamics of power in the normal Dom/Sub relationship, the actual power lies in the bound. For by sacrificing her ability to care for herself she forces her Master to care for her, to do for her the things she can no longer do for herself. Unlike other methods of binding, handcuffing cannot be undone by the Sub without extreme effort. Unlike other methods of binding, it is almost unheard of 'just for show', as a fashion statement.

Just a thought.

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