Get to know me a bit...this is a roots thing...(part 1)  

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7/31/2006 10:30 am

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Get to know me a bit...this is a roots thing...(part 1) michigan it can be oppressive...I'm not really sure what id like to share today, maybe I'm just seeking some opinions or shared experiences to see what others have experienced up to this point in their lives? ... As far as adult type content goes....Some might call this the anatomy of a flaw..which ive been told...or a rebirth. A little snippet into who I am, and where I come from...1)Brought up in a rural community, very fundamental upbringing,single parent household, middle child, had very good role models due to a good support system in church, and community. (I consider myself lucky) 2) I lost my virginity on the day Elvis Presley died(go figure)...I scored one for "the KING" ty..tyvm....was summer of 77, after graduation, had opportunities before that, but do to the religious nature of my upbringing, never really realized what the hell was going on, most the time as far as sex went...I was still living at home, and wasn't suppose to lust, or fornicate...ya da ya da....but with all teens(drinking age was 18 back then) Rock concerts, alcohol , and women....well you know the drill....was going to a community college, working at night and opened my pool of knowledge on the subject of the opposite sex, and this was at a time when the worst STD you dreaded was herpes, so i lived a little I found that my small town (innocence)or naivety...ability to listen...and basic like of things written ideas and sense of sharing pretty much always landed me in situations that just evolved into opportunities for sexual intimacy with women...(I think today it would be called Friends with benefits....back then I didn't care) Most the time, due to the fact I still lived at home...these encounters were usually enhanced by being in the right place at the right time...Walks in woods, back seats of cars(with a few drinks at a drive in(Yep, still had drive in movies), summer cottages, that type of thing...usually after an extended time of getting to know each other as friends, or laying some bricks in a foundation(as I call it)...All the time i was working toward an associates degree, and progressing into my adult life....Then came graduation...and a move to a bigger city, away from home, and to an actual 4 year University.(more to come about the progression into adulthood at a later time)...fade to black till next we meet

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