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1/31/2006 8:35 am

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Anyone out there have a secret they are afraid to share with anyone? Some dark deep hidden thing in the recesses of your heart?

I have become totally addicted to Post Secrets. People write their most terrible or wonderful secrets on postcards and send them in to this site. The site scans them and posts them for everyone to read. All submissions are anonymous.

As I go through the new entries each Sunday, I find myself on the brink of tears for some. Cheering, 'You go, girl!' for some. Occasionally completely appalled.

Some of the secrets I can relate to. Things relating to relationships. Self-esteem issues. I have even considered sending in my own secrets, but before I can, someone else posts it for me.

Maybe it's because it helps me to know that other people feel the way I do. Or maybe it's because I can say "See, they're weirder than I am!", but I love it.

Give it a visit and tell me what you think.

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