Fun at Seletar Camp  

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12/22/2005 10:57 pm

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Fun at Seletar Camp

I have friends who seem to have it all:
A wonderful spouse, good kids, college education, nice car, house, spiritual maturity, high morals, etc. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "I have a nice car, who needs all that other rubbish?"

Well going over to Spanner's place on Seletar Camp later for bbq and probably end up sleeping in one of his hammocks in the garden unless it's raining. Hell, if it's raining I'll just drink enough to where I don't notice it!

Should be a bunch of the gang of hashers there from both Monday and Friday night crowd, a lot of old friends. My friend Bob (the guy that walks on water) says there will be a couple of new attractive young ladies there without significant others. Maybe I'll get lucky? Who gives a toss, I need another girlfriend like another hole...wait a second, I may be onto something.

As I look back at all the times I've gotten together with old friends, it's worth noting that not once has any of us ever said, "You remember that time you stayed SO sober and you did TOTALLY rational stuff?"

But seriously folks, it seems like that for every step forward I take in my alcohol-recovery program, I take two steps back -- then three to the side, then about a half-dozen around in a little circle until I fall flat on my ass.

Instead of committing random acts of kindness this holiday season, I'm going to commit random acts of drunken debauchery. Sure, it might not have the same socially redeeming value, but it'll be a lot more fun than another afternoon serving cookies at the old folks home down the street.

I just know deep in my bones that someday my lifelong dream will come true and I'll actually meet the Olsen twins face to face. I even know what I'll say: "Get in the car!"

rm_Mezzo_Gal 40F

2/1/2006 10:31 pm

This is absolutely hilarious! Keep up the good work SoiDoggy

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