Running scared  

rm_SoSexySoNice 52M
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9/4/2006 8:40 am

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5/15/2007 7:36 am

Running scared

This AIDS thing really has us scared. I mean, walk into a place see this beautiful girl and think "Wonder what she's got?", and you are not thinking booty! Sometimes I wonder if we are running too scared to live. Where I live Malaria kills more people than aids, I haven't seen any drive to wholesale seal up homes and buy up the insect repeller. We haven't moved away from swamps, or created malaria awareness clinics. We are not even looking for a malaria vaccine. I'm still yet to see anybody running away from a malaria infected girl.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it isn't a big problem. But I do think our atitute towards it is a bigger problem. We shun people 'living positively' we do not want to be their friends, and we mouth platitutes as to how we do not descriminate against them. Yet the other day in a chat room some nice lady, at least from the typing, mentioned she has aids after about an hour of chatting. Suddenly not a single person was willing to continue the conversation. All her admirers run like from a devil. I wonder why nobody could even be a friend. Hell I've met quite a lot of girls online, and I cannot say all of them I've been trying to bed. True I flirt and play, but then I could do all this without being at risk, couldn't I? I could even meet them and have fun without having to bed them.

I was at Chillers the other day, and I got a nice tease from some teaser, but I did not then, or now, think of going to bed with her. But I had my fun talking, flirting, suggesting and I did not have to ask for a VCT certificate to do this.

As long as we consider AIDS a sinful desease, shun the people who have it, and generally bury our heads in the sun whenever it is mentioned we will never have a solution. We have had venereal deseases before which in their time were quite deadly, as well as ugly. As we got over them, but we are behaving like we will never get over AIDS.

We all fuck. We might (god forbid) get into accidents and require blood donations. We might accidentally share a needle with an infected person, or even, when we know we are at risk, have unprotected sex with an infected person. A person who says they have never contemplated or maybe even had unprotected sex with another person is lying. But the person who abjures people who have got infected by whatever means is committing murder, for a human is a social animal, and without society that human will die.

And we'll all be guilty...

WoolyInureSlues 30M
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5/21/2011 6:08 am

There's still too much stigma sorrounding AIDS. Things need to be changed.

shylena256 43F
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9/28/2006 12:45 am

I agree about the ostracization of HIV positive people.
I was talking to some African guys recently and they were saying it is a real shame that Africa has this media image of hunger, war and AIDS.
This was 4 guys from 4 different countries or else I would have specified a bit more than just saying African.

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