rm_SoSexySoNice 52M
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8/26/2006 9:03 am

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9/2/2006 3:19 am


Interestingly enough, I have nothing to say and this time I'm going to say the nothing, though I'm not sure how to go about saying nothing.

I really wanted to write about my sexual adventures, I felt that way, but... I realised I do not have any! Stange, isn't it. I live a mundane life. Go out, lust after girls, do nothing about it most of the time, get to work, daydream and once in a long while actually get to chase some lady. Yet just the other day somebody was wishing to live like me. They think my life is exciting! Would I really be here if it were? So How do I spice out my life?

I got to think of the various things I would love to do and I haven't. So I am going to write a list, and since this is a sexual site, I'll ignore the one that have nothing to do with sex.

Go make out in a parking lot. (I think the element of being found out adds spice to that)

Get a secret blow job in public transport

Go out for a weekend of fun in the wild with like minded people

Find out how to make a woman cum with just a touch (now that I've been looking out for long)

What do you dream of doing?

What would you really like to do?

Where would you like to do it?

rm_MandingoFan 40M
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8/29/2006 5:33 am


Considering the mood I'm in just now, I deram of a 3some with 2 lovely ladies.

I would really like to please them and tease them to ecstacy.

I'd like to do it on a large bed with soft music in the background, uninhibited by sweet red wine.

Maybe earlier in the morning I'd have given soe long grown-up response like: winning the lotter or better still, bringing world peace...

I guess I only get onto AdultFriendFinder when I'm in a certain mood... LOL

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