What do you all think?  

rm_Snow_Man5882 29M
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8/26/2006 10:28 pm

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12/4/2006 5:31 am

What do you all think?

Hmmm... hello all, this is my first Blog so I am fairly new to this site so I would figure I would see what is going on. I have noticed from reading a few blogs, that they're alot of intelligent people on here with alot of interesting things to say. Well... I guess I will tell alittle about myself... I am 18, and I will be starting college in January... and I really don't want to go... But I'm going to anyway... but If anyone is reading this I have a question?
How many of you have actually lived your dream?
I'm talking the one job you have always wanted to do... should you try your ass off to hopefully achieve your dream?... Because that is what I want to do... but in all honesty it has not been going well so far... then again this summer has been pretty horrible, so I am mainly hoping everything will work out in the end... ^_^
So I was just wondering what everyone has to say about that b(^_^)b
Haha and in case any of you are wondering what the dream may be, my friend and I were talking about starting up a band... it's something I have always dreamed of doing, but whenever I get my hopes up they always give up and leave.
Well thanks alot all ^_^ and have a great Sunday ^_^

abitcrazy4sex 46M
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8/27/2006 12:23 am

welcome to blogland ! in many ways i would say i have lived my dream but i still have time to get there.all depends which dream i am on today.long term dreams no i havent lived it yet , right now i am doing great and have everything i want , who could ask for more ? i have seen many college graduates working at mcdonalds making less than me and i never went to college.best of luck to you !

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