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8/30/2006 4:40 pm

LOL well I guess that'll make people look anyhow.
I did in fact. Saturday night I had no date and was horny (see the previous post) and I went out to a dance club to talk to some people I knew. well someone they were sitting with saw that I looked distraught and we chatted, then danced, then went back to my place. we started off talking and then it got on further and finally at 6am sunday morning we made it into my bedroom and took all day to pleasure each other. we didnt get up and dressed until 5pm Sunday night. This has got to be the most incredible sex i've ever had.

Problem is, this gal instantly wants to put her hooks in me and I'm not really ready for a relationship so soon after my wife left me. I mean she's only been gone a month and a half. Also, this gal has a complete american tourister set of baggage she carries around with her. I mean, I know everyone my age has baggage from their previous relationships and whatnot, but this one has the entire set.

I really dont want to lead her on and I dont want to let this incredible sex kiten go either.

«----Rock (ME) Hard Place----»

someone tell me what you'd do.

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