Shifting Sands  

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4/11/2006 1:29 pm

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Shifting Sands

Sometimes when you visit a place it feels like your only visiting. Almost like you cant comprehend its existance cuase you know that in a few weeks youl be going home to your own house in your own neibourhood to your own job and all that you have seen would just become a memory. Well this place is the complete opposite. As i am living here for a while its no longer a visit, it has almost become home. (those that travell allot or have taken a working holiday well catch my drift).

This place has just consumed my every being and every thought i have ever had about the outside world. My thoughts and ideals have shifted with the sands here, and have evolved into something completely different. I have found tragedy, compassion, faith, hope, destruction, turmoil, hatred, love, disgust, death and valor here. Every single human emotion and or expereince can be found. And for someone that has lived in his own little box for the better part of his life, this little jaunt to the other side of the world has definately opened my eyes. I realse now more than ever how complex the human race in itself is. How difficult it is to coexist with people who dont share the same view as yourself. And also how easy it could be. (i realise the contradiction btw)

I dont know how much i will have changed by the time i get home that i suppose is up to my freinds and family, though i can say that my thoughts on a few topics have allready changed and i will hold those thooughts dear to me for the rest of my life.


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