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10/4/2005 9:20 pm

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Visit To Whidbey

I was driving around Deception Pass on my way to Whidbey Island this weekend, specifically Oak Harbor, to meet someone I met online. I had lived on Whidbey including Oak Harbor and Admiral's Cove by Fort Casey so knew my way around.

Although I met her on a site very similar to this one, I was a little apprehensive about my plans. We had exchanged a fair amount of communications along with photographs and both felt the urge, desire and equipment was a good match. But, you never really know for sure until you actually see each other in person if a mattress marathon is going to happen, or even a good idea. Been a few times it hasn't worked out.

As I was driving on to the island I was mentally going over the checklist in my mind for the evening. The reservations had been made for dinner along with a night at a bed & breakfast on the island that I have frequented on more than one visit. Not to mention by name so I don't run afoul of the advertisement TOS here, it's relatively famous and has individual themed cottages tucked in amongst the woods. My favorite has always been the Hansel & Gretel cabin and the distance between cottages helps some in the event of voiced pleasure *wink*.

I arrived in Oak Harbor and proceeded to the designated meeting spot. Having seen many pictures of her, some even with clothes, I spotted her right away as I pulled up. I got out of my truck as she made her way over and we fell in to each others arms and hugged. I finally got to meet Amy.

As we got in to the truck I was taking a look at Amy. This was one of those rare times when the actual product on the shelf looked better than the picture and anything the imagination may conjur up from that picture. She seemed to be reasonably pleased herself because before I got the truck on to the highway she had slid over next to me.

We headed for dinner and completed the meal. As we were being seated Amy removed her jacket and I did a mental fantasy looking at her breasts. The perfect handful and the shape looked spectacular. During dinner we had a very nice conversation along with an equally fine wine. The meal was great. When the waiter came over to ask if we would like anything for desert, Amy told him that we were going to have desert later as she was looking at me and smiling. The waiter got the hint because he brought the check, he could have assumed that just meant ask later but this was one bright boy.

While we were in having dinner it had gotten dark outside. This just set up a nice ambiance for easing in to the evening. We drove out of town and started heading down the island to our accomodations for the night. It was about a 20 mile drive or so and allowed for teasing foreplay during the ride.

We arrived at the place and proceeded to check in. I took care of the paper work while I told Amy to pick out some movies. The place has a video library you can pick from, but since I've been the one always checking in I can't vouch for the selection. After I was done Amy wondered back in to the main lobby area. Seeing her hands empty I shot her a look and she just said she already had what she wanted to see. This was going to be a good night.

We walked along the trail from the main house holding hands and came to our cottage past the pond. I hadn't been there for about 4 years and it hadn't changed. Still had the wood woodpecker door knocker that I just love. We went inside and put our things away. I had an athletic bag along with my clothes bag that I brought in with me. In it was the usual items needed for a romantic evening, candles, scents, oils, etc. On the sly I grabbed the bottle of Grand Marnier and proceeded to the bathroom. I told Amy that I was getting the jucuzzi ready and changing in to something more comfortable.

I filled the jucuzzi with water to a nice temperature and put the bottle of Grand Marnier in to warm up. Only takes about 20 minutes for it to warm up nicely. I changed in to a pair of shorts and walked out to get some candles and find some glasses. Amy had already changed in to a very eloquent, black lingerie. Indeed, those breasts were going to be very nice to place my mouth up to.

I got the jucuzzi area set up and noticed Amy had found the bed. It was a goose feather bed and no one ever forgets having sex on one for the first time, just like a water bed. It's totally different and is nice to experience every once in a while. I wondered over to my goody bag and pulled out some massage oil. I walked over to the bed next to Amy and sat down reaching my arm out to her shoulder.

Before I could really get going with the message Amy got up, grabbed my hand and led me to the jucuzzi. What little clothes we had on were rapidly gone. We each paused a moment and then both realized we were in for a nice evening.

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