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7/25/2005 1:17 pm

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Role playing

And no, I don't mean strictly Dungeons and Dragons stuff. I do enjoy looking at their sourcebooks however for inspiration, but I'm not too fond of their excessive rules. I prefer simple freeform writing. Something I've been obsessed with since first getting into chatting. I suppose it goes way back even further. When I was a kid my friends and I use to create and play out all sorts of characters. Though without much of the erotic elements I enjoy in my roleplays now.

One of the elements I love best about roleplaying is being able to draw on all sorts of fantasy elements and weaving a story that gives the sexy scenes greater meaning than just sex for the sake of getting off. This is what makes it more satisfying to me than just cybersex.

While I have played out more "one time" scenes than I can remember, I've only had two partners that were so good at roleplaying and enjoyed my company enough to continue beyond a mere night. Actually our stories have continued for months right up to this day.

In the first, our story was set in the pirate era. My character was a noble lord, hers was a sickly wench from a local brothel that he rescues. While tending to her they fell in love, married, and had children (the conception of which were particularly rewarding scenes after playing out their courtship). Unfortunately her illness caught up with her and she passed on in tragic fashion. Now my same partner plays the part of their grown up daughter, and I play her lover, a young pirate who swept the little princess off her feet.

The second roleplay takes place in a fantasy world. My partner there and I play several roles each, from our original sorceress and noble knight to elves, demons, and wicked men (and a pair of even more wicked wenches). During our quest to save the world, we've woven more love triangles than I can count, and it's still not clear who will end up with who in the end.

I had met a third lady with an intriguing idea for a story. Involving her playing a sexy supervillainess. But unfortunately she never has time to play when I encounter her, which is seldom.

I only hope that when I finally find a real life partner, she may have as much interest in roleplaying. I would love to act out some of our fantasies together.

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