What We Want  

rm_Simplysexy65 51F
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8/29/2006 1:37 am

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10/21/2006 10:21 pm

What We Want

The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment

snakee2 53M

8/29/2006 7:21 am

So very true. All too often we tend to lose sight of patience, and do just that.

fijiguy610 58M  
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8/29/2006 7:43 am

What if what we want the most is what we want at the moment?

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 8/29/2006 9:54 am:
Did your Mommy not tell you, "Don't let the money burn a hole in your pocket?" Think before you do...better yet understand before you judge......or think before you speak....or......Live like there is no tommorrow? Wait......Just Do It!

rm_passion7523 52M
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8/29/2006 3:51 pm

i have failed so many times
and wish that i could be stronger
and i am working on it and
i will suceed and find true happiness
but at least for the most part
i have enjoyed the moments

peace and harmony passion

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 8/29/2006 4:19 pm:
Failure is such a negative word.....Yet, it allows us to focus and set up goals. I believe that there is goodness that can be found in all bad. I try to take a positive out of every negative and refocus. If we did not fail at something, life would be boring! Realizing we sometimes set ourselves up for failures, allows the fear of success to take over!

rm_smosmof2 68M
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8/30/2006 3:19 am

well, yeah, but success ought to happen every once in a while....

somethingelse40 76M
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9/1/2006 3:48 am

My time is far too valuable for me to spend any of it trying to improve muself.

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