What I Could Not Say  

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6/13/2006 10:24 am

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What I Could Not Say

I entered the establishment, the soft glow of lights casting down on my dark features and as I spotted him.... my brown bedroom eyes could not help but shimmered and steam up the room. My black cocktail dress hung off my shoulders and fell lightly around my chest and hips, just slightly above the knees. As I approached I could tell he was having a hard time concentrating on anything but the glimmer in my eyes and the spark of my smile. We smiled and I sat down. His eyes raided my body without a word. He gazed at my chest with the cleavage in full blooom and I mentally wanted his tongue to start tracing all the freckles on my chest. I beckoned him to kiss them with the blink of an eye. Hundreds of them, thousands, wanted him to rub his tongue and lips across them. Until the waiter arrived.

Well, I finally met you for that first dinner date and I never expected such an elegant setting. What I could not say was, get over here and give me your mouth. What I couldn't do was shove the table out of the way, crawl up on your lap, tuck my thumbs into the top of your jeans, grab your hips and pull you up to meet me. What I couldn't express, because I'd have to borrow a great line from a bad song, was that I would walk on my tongue through broken glass to get to you. What I couldn't stop imagining, was your hands on my wrists, pinning them together over my head as you crush me against a wall. And I'm struggling to get one hand free, wanting nothing more than to pull you hard against me, but you won't let me. You're busy kissing my throat and that little spot just behind the ear and everywhere, absolutely everywhere except my mouth. I cannot remember when I have been this hungry for a kiss. And the waiter returns to take our order.

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6/13/2006 11:32 am

mmm mmm mmm. Nice.

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