Trapped In A Box  

rm_Simplysexy65 51F
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5/13/2006 4:23 pm
Trapped In A Box

Trapped in a box of tremendous size now. It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes. Sucked up my life and proliferates lies. Trapped in a box, four walls as sky. Got a screen for a window about two feet wide. My mind rides and slides as my circuits are fried. No room for thought, used the box as my guide. Trapped in a box, watch the world as it flocks to life's paradox...we are all trapped in a box. Trapped in a box, I am not alone...I know of others with a box as their home. Light only enters from a crack or a hole. This is not enough for a human to grow. Always wanting a different view, this is instant gratification for you. Reality gone in a single click. Just hope that the switch won't stick. Trapped in a box, my life becomes void. All I thought for myself is now destroyed. Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy, when to run, when to cry.. Subliminal rules: How to live, how to die. I fear I was a lie. So much told, yet so much said.....accused in his closet yet not in his bed. UNknown answers of what he never said. Lost in his box, she pictures in her head, a man she never knew....perhaps he never did too.

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