The Woman Who Didn't Believe in Love  

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5/2/2006 11:21 am
The Woman Who Didn't Believe in Love

This is an adaptation of an excerpt from one of my favorite books. It's a short story, a good read, and the kind of thing that makes you think ... and feel...
I want to tell you a very old story about the woman who didn't believe in love. She had a relationship with a man in the past and it didn’t work out. All she associated with “love” was the hurt she felt after it was gone. So wherever this woman went, she used to tell people that love is nothing but an invention of the poets, an invention of religions just to manipulate the weak mind of humans. Her arguments were quite logical, and she convinced many people that love doesn't exist.

Then one day this woman was walking on the beach and she saw a handsome man sitting on the sand and he was crying. She asked him why he was crying. You can imagine her surprise when he told her he was crying because he too believed that love doesn’t exist! He had been hurt by a woman and he started believing that there was no such thing as love. That it was all just an illusion.

She said, "This is amazing - a man who believes that love doesn't exist!" Understanding him very well, she embraced him and said, "You are right; love doesn't exist." They were so much alike, they became best friends. It was a wonderful relationship. They were very happy.

One day the woman had the weirdest idea. She was thinking, "Hmm, maybe what I feel for him is love, But this is so different from what I have ever felt before. It's not what the poets say it is and it's not what religion says it is, because I am not responsible for him. Perhaps love does exist, but it's not what everyone thinks love is."

She could hardly wait to let him know about her new theory. As soon as she started talking, he said, "I know exactly what you are talking about. I had that same idea long ago, but I didn't want to share it with you because I know you don't believe in love." They decided to become lovers and to live together, and it was amazing that things didn't change. They still respected each other, they were still supportive of each other, and their love grew more and more.

The woman's heart was so full with all the love she felt that one night a great miracle happened. She was looking at the stars and she found the most beautiful one, and her love was so big that the star started coming down from the sky and soon that star was in her hands. She was intensely happy, and she could hardly wait to go to the man and put that star in his hands to prove her love for him. As soon as she put the star in his hands, he had a moment of doubt and hesitation. Then, he dropped the star, it fell to the ground and broke into a million little pieces…

Now, imagine there is an old woman walking around the world swearing that love doesn't exist. And there is an old man at home, shedding a tear for a paradise that he once held in his hands, but was now gone.

Who made the mistake? Him or her? She did. The star was her happiness, and her mistake was to put her happiness in another person’s hands. No one should be given such a huge responsibility as to be the cause or reason for another person’s happiness. Because any happiness given ‒ can easily be taken away. Happiness never comes from outside of us. She was happy because of the love coming out of her. He was happy because of the love coming out of him. It’s the love that we exude to others that brings us true happiness...
After your heart breaks, it grows back bigger ...
Refuse to be afraid, don't allow yourself to be imprisoned by your fears ...

You may think your pride protects you, but instead your pride will break you if you let it control you ...

The only 2 people in the world who can define "Love" are the 2 people in it.

Sometimes when you hold on too tightly, you destroy it. The best way to hold onto it is to let it go ..

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