The Road Less Travelled  

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6/2/2006 10:08 am

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The Road Less Travelled

The thing that they never liked to see was your undying optimism and were simply unique! In the beginning, you were more ready to have faith in something against everyone's better judgment. You took flight without thinking, stuffed your life into well-packed boxes, and you drove yourself somewhere new to start over. You made all the right moves in life, got a great education, successful careers, played the game of life and then.... got married. You sold your career for his and yet no one believed in you or your dreams did for him. It was not till later that you went ahead anyway with the sole purpose to show them all different.

And that is how you died, how your soul found its grave and was buried underneath the rocks and stones and weeds of great expectations. Years ago you believed in life, in each breath having meaning, and now you've come to your senses. You understand now, whether you like it or not, that each breath simply propels us into the next, it is but a conduit of life for us, it isn't to be hallowed as the inspiring metaphor we once assumed it was. Breath is just breath is just breath, nothing more nothing less, nothing in between.

You remind yourself you didn't fail that last time, you only got your feet wet and realized, perhaps too late, that the water was simply too cold to dive into straight away.

You think about that time often now. You remember you and your best friend starting out on the road at 8am on a Monday morning in the summer, driving only 6 hours that first day because you stopped every 100 miles to buy souvenirs and send postcards, you were that excited. You think of the things you saw on that trip, the great desolate country where only a few lights set off glimmer in the distance. The orange sky after a storm that rocked you from sleep, sun rays beating against the windshield as you drove into the light, your insides a mess of melodrama and symbolism.

Because soon your life will be a whirlwind of signing papers, of moving places, of packing boxes, setting appointments, learning streets and shortcuts. You'll once again pack yourself and your best friend into that same car and on a similar Monday morning you will set out again, this time in the opposite direction, forging uphill the whole way. You'll be settling into a comfortable life that is new and untouched by man, a tundra of anticipation and opportunity.

But this time you are ready for it, this time you have a heart that is stone, chipped here and there but otherwise intact. This time you won't be disappointed by people because this time you are braced for it. This time you are aware of the very worst that can happen, and if goodness and peace and comfort happen to cross your path they will be nothing but a pleasant surprise.

This time, even if the water freezes you to the bone, you have no choice but to swim. They say you are once again simply unique and better yet simply fascinating

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