That Girl!!!  

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That Girl!!!

As a girl, I just loved the TV show "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas. It's funny as I have often been told I am the combination of her and Sandra B. In the show, every episode opened with people talking about her character, Ann Marie, in the third-person, eventually pointing and saying, "That Girl!" and Ann Marie would spin around and smile that dazzling, cute smile, all wide-eyed, and then they'd go into the opening credits where we see the single young woman new to the big city. I loved her independence viewing it as a young girl, and yet not her taste in men as far as Donald or Phil goes

But although Ann Marie was the prototype for a liberated female character, she was in fact quite dependent upon two men in her life: her boyfriend Donald Hollinger (Ted Bessell) and her father Lou Marie (Lew Parker).

Maintaining the affections of both of these men seems to be the main thrust in Ann's life, apart from getting acting jobs. However, it seems to have a payoff in that it's likely that either or both of them are helping Ann to finance her beautiful apartment and gorgeous wardrobe of mod clothing. In any case, her personal income doesn't appear to add up to much, considering that she's always taking odd jobs in between an assortment of acting gigs which invariably fall flat.

In spite of Ann's propensity for turning routine situations into comic catastrophes, her high-spirited perkiness and warm beauty never fail to attract the attentions of handsome bachelors. This often leads to romantic tensions between her and Donald, who ultimately proposes to Ann in the last season but never gets around to marrying her. It also causes concern for her father, who is a little on the over-protective side when it comes to his only daughter.

But we have to learn to laugh at even our warmest, fondest icons of childhood. And perhaps see ourselves reflected once in a while from the shadows of our past.

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