Sea World or Bust! I mean Busted!  

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6/1/2006 1:13 pm
Sea World or Bust! I mean Busted!

So I was headed down to Sea World yesturday in pursuit of a spontaneous midlife crisis fire drill! What? I decided it was time to go swim naked with the Dolphins! And in true summer fashion I wore a flowery sundress with the option of a quick change to hot pink wetsuit (parkling lot side) if need b! Well for some reason, when I pulled over for gas it was incredibly windy. While pumping gas of all things, a gust of wind sent my dress atop my head where it affixed itself to my hair clip. It was also possible that while attempting to pump gas with one hand and release my dress from my hair clip..... I fell almost to my knees so as to not display my thong for the city bus that was stopped nearby. As I Paniced in near excitement, I ended up falling over in my stupid platform shoes. OK....Do I give up and change into my hot pink wetsuit here or wait for the Sea World Parkling Lot? Both have buses so I took the safe road and finished myself off here as I did not want to offend any field trips at Sea World!

So I finally arrive at Sea World!!..... to swim naked with the Dolphins! It was wonderful. I was the one in the hot pink wetsuit (WINK) See Today's San Diego Newspaper for details!... "the one that looked like she had this all preplanned as the secuirty crew was pulling me out and cuffing me picture." Water was 55 degrees! One would think some of the "Girlies" might get a good workout with Shamu but after seeing them out of the water and in their wetsuit, I suggest a bigger wetsuit for some of the employees! Ha! Yes, Sea World now has a new attraction....It is called Camel Toe!

Spent the rest of the day at the beach! Bad girls get caught! Naughty girls walk away smiling! Am I smiling in the picture posted above? Yep, and on page E4 of the SD News! Ciao!

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