No Sense of A Woman  

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4/27/2006 11:29 am

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No Sense of A Woman

Al Pacino may have played a smooth-talking ladies man in my favorite movie "Scent of a Woman", but in reality the erratic lifelong bachelor can send his female admirers fleeing in tears.
According to a West Coast spy, Pacino displayed his less-than-suave side last week when a sincere brunette in a pink dress sashayed up to the table where he and five friends were dining at Hollywood haunt Il Sole and asked to speak to the 65-year-old actor–alone.

We’re told the toothsome forty-something was merely looking to give the Godfather star her phone number out of earshot of his dinner companions, but Pacino evidently feared something sinister in her approach. “I don’t speak to anyone privately! What do you want?” he thundered back at the stunned seductress, causing her to run out of the restaurant, weeping. Not yet satisfied with his fan’s humiliation, Pacino then barked at the hostess to call the police, claiming that the woman had approached him “to propose marriage,” our source says.

“Al was extremely paranoid,” says our witness. “You’d think he’d been approached by a terrorist rather than a pretty woman. She didn’t say anything about marriage, she simply said ‘Hello’ and asked if she could speak to him away from his friends.”

Perhaps Pacino, who won an Oscar portraying the blind Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, has begun to lose his hearing after one too many Hoo-Has. But at least he stayed in character. Bummer Al has a reputation in Tinseltown as a zealous foe of wedded bliss. What make's him think I wanted to marry him????....God I just wanted to fuck him!!! Well, A woman can dream

rm_munkyball1 33M

4/30/2006 2:03 pm

Pacino has always seemed like a very brash person. Also i have to say your blog is one of the more interesting on this site.

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