Mafia 101:The Family, The Structure, The Code  

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Mafia 101:The Family, The Structure, The Code

As his mistress, I do consider myself Italian now as I have paid my dues and I have been injected many times by the FBI (Full Blooded Italians). Most woman who become Mistresses to the Mob in California do not realize it is the mob until they are way under the sheets. 500 hundred thred Pima Cotton of course! What is it about the MOB that fascinates so many? Is it that they are called paisan ? Do we like the nice suits? Do we like bad boys? Does the idea of living on the edge of the law seem thrilling?

Everyone wants to know

How does one join La Cosa Nostra ? If you have to ask, you won't deserve to get in.
I will help explain the ways of La Cosa Nostra, what it takes to get in, what it takes to become a "Godfather," and provide a detailed look at all the ranks from associate and soldier to capo.

Consider this a basic overview and not a how-to, capisce ? I won't waste my time going into details because none of you will ever be part of a Family .
Also, each Family has its own rules, minor structural differences, different terms, etc. So what I say might not work in Kansas City, but might in Chicago, get it? You don't need to worry your pretty little heads about these details anyway, all you need to do is appreciate how difficult it is to get to the top. But far easier to sleep to the top. (WINK)

If you're not Italian, you don't belong.....
not italian? get the hell out. Owning gold chains does not count either.

If you are not Italian, or of Italian descent, you can't get in La Cosa Nostra. 95% Italian is okay, so long as no one finds out you have some Eskimo roots or something in your family tree.
If you act, breathe, eat, sleep Italian but your parents are called O'Malley or Mahesh, you can't get in. If you have a sprinkle of Italian from some long-lost great-grandfather who got horny while Italy was fighting in Somalia, you can't get in. You get the point?

La cosa nostra

La Cosa Nostra roughly translates from Italian as "this thing of ours." It's the American version of the Sicilian Mafia. There are all kinds of other names too. "The Mob," "The Outfit," "The Shop Front," "The Arm," "The Syndicate," "The Organization," take your pick.
A Family or Famiglia is a unit of La Cosa Nostra comprised of groups of "made men" from 20 to 300 apiece, each headed by a "Boss." There is nothing better in bed then an Italian made man I think I made a few cum even

La Cosa Nostra is hierarchical in structure, each made man or member has certain "jobs" to perform, specific money-generating "businesses," and a defined superior.

How well you do inside the Family depends on how much of an earner you are. The more you earn, the more important you become. Equally, every Family needs an enforcer. If you excel as an enforcer and show enthusiasm and gusto in your work, your importance also goes up. If you are a good earner and a good enforcer, your future is bright and lined with plenty of mistresses. (WINK)Well, we do get tired.

As you move up the chain, you get to keep more of the profits from your "activities" and be involved in more lucrative activities. It's in the interest of every made man to be part-earner/part-enforcer in order to build a comfortable (and protected) lifestyle for his own family (let me clear this up now; family is the one with kids and a nagging wife, Family is the other one). It is the f/F quotient

If you understand these principles, you understand how promotions are handed out. Now, how you become a good earner or a good enforcer in the first place... I'll let the movie types try to enlighten you on that. Please see previous Al Pacino article for proper Mistress Enforcement Policies and Practices.


One of the most important rules of being part of La Cosa Nostra is omerta ; the code of silence each honorable made man takes when he enters a Family. It essentially means that a made man is never to discuss any Family business or activities with any outsider (not including associates). You become a rat by breaking the code, and you'll pay with your life (it's not only the Mounties who always get their man).
This is our protective barrier
It's omerta that keeps La Cosa Nostra protected and shielded from outside forces, whether it be other mob-wannabes or law enforcement. It's also part of the honor code, which also includes vows to respect the organization's rules, hierarchy, rules of conduct, and punishments for breaking any code. Above all, the honor code implies that no man is above his Family, and that no man should put anything or anybody ahead of his Family (not the other family).

In return, the Family protects and supports you (and in case of death, supports your family). You trust and rely on your Family in bad times, just like in good. That support is always there if you are loyal, productive or an influential member of the Family.

Loyalty, obedience, honor... you see a pattern emerging here? The public is fooled into thinking they are a bunch of thugs thanks to the media, but they are men above all -- honorable, educated, business-savvy men. Don't you forget that.

Let me be frank about the goal of La Cosa Nostra. It's to make money. Period.
It's not about being Italian, the culture, soccer, the food, being pals with nicknamed fat guys, or playing cards. It's about cash; the art of making it and the art of hiding it.

To make money the way they make it, they need to maintain the structure of La Cosa Nostra and omerta. Diplomacy doesn't always work, you know what I mean? So you use whatever means you have to in order to protect your Family. If someone is blocking you from making money, you try to resolve it as honorable men. When that fails, you must put words away, and select an alternative weapon, capisce ? I am the Mistress of the Man of Words. I believe everything he says or I have been trained to.

La Cosa Nostra has business interests in a variety of industries. You can guess what they are. The cash flow generated from the mom-and-pop operations help fund the major ones. These, in turn, help finance the "accepted" businesses or as the law enforcement authorities like to call it, the "legitimate businesses." (Don't get me started on the "legitimate" business of law enforcement or politicians.)

The accepted businesses are often enterprises respected highly by others who are not in our world (i.e. WASPs). In turn, that respect brings La Cosa Nostra power outside of their world, along with influence and a network of contacts, both corporate and political.

The previous is a lil background into the world in which the Mafia Mistress has found herself. She follows the code and climbs the structure just like the others. The world is slowly unravelled to her piece by piece and after her 5th she takes the 5th right down to Sax 5th.

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