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Ok I lied! And I bet you think I am some kind of a nut job! I am going on the date with Mr. Bow Tie just because I am about to get my period and I am craving those damn bread sticks at Red Lobster! Oh damn..those are at Olive Garden...Omg I fucked up! I am just craving an Italian! Well at least I got my period, Mr. Prom King won't be getting his Rock Lobster unless he wants to earn this red wings!

Just because I was raised on the typical North Shore of Chicago in a disfunctional family as portrayed in the movie "Ordinary People" and spent my childhood in the dentist chair and the psychiatrist office does not mean I am not nice! My dad says I am pretty too! Well, did you know shrinks have more issues then the people they deal with? Try dealing with me!! Yeah, even my dentist agreed on that one. The ironic thing is....or was... my Dentists office ...when I was a located where they actually filmed the psychiatrist office scenes in the movie "Ordinary People". Coincidence!

Anyways...the best shrink trip I have had is here in California! I go to primal scream therapy once a week and I like to practice it during sex as well. And about 10 minutes ago I just did. My hair dryer blew up and almost caught my hair on fire. And I did scream!!ok...the other lie I told was...I was gonna wear the Corn Dog on a stick hat since he is wearing his bow tie. Well, I was not going to is so....yesturday....ok i quit the job...but now my hair looks like shit and I am wearing it! Only problem is ....I am riding my harley over to really scare him and so he cannot try and talk me into making out in my car or seeing me turn the radio on with my toes. But here is the thing. How do I wear a helmet and the hat? I bet I have totally lost the European crowd on the Corn Dog on a stick hat...can anyone find a picture on the net and post it please. I do not have time, my hair is a mess and I cannot find my tampons. Those of you off the Island of Rhode Island might not understand it either. It is 4 stories short of a Doctor Seuess Hat I kid you not...and orange!! So I am going to wear my orange Cal Trans boots I got at the thrift store the other day too! So can u visualize this....Harley....hat...hemlet and her boots.......Sounds like Doctor Seuess too. Did I spell his name right? Mom never read to me.... She was alway at the Country Club! So off into the sunset screaming down the road on my Harley. Reminds me of a beer commercial!

Ok so the point I ma making is.....Have you ever seen a Harley Parked at a Psychiatrist's office? I do not think so! And I lied again! I do not ride one....I am not some Lezbian biker chick...Just met a few in jail once! Wish me luck! Not!

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5/26/2006 8:06 pm

which did she go man.recap,....,corndog in a hat on a harley,parked in front of a psychiatrist's office,proudly sportin, redwings and cal trans boots,waitin on some lezbian biker chick who just got out of jail, know I cant find any tampons in that mess either......rotflmao

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 5/28/2006 6:29 pm:
Ok, you are following me way to close here! Truth or dare? Would you ever buy condoms for a desperate woman....would you buy them alone at the gorcery store with the potential fear that a price check might be needed as I am requesting the 48 count box that has been discontinued and no longer made due to serious toxic shock issues. Would you get out of the bushes of Tennessee and do this? are from Tennessee...hehe forget it....I am sure you would Once I got lost in the Mountains of Gatlinburg......well I faked vacation and I needed attention. All I got was a fucking tshirt that said Tennessee is the parking lot for let me look at a map to see if this joke is Geographically correct.....What would Bill Clinton say?

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