Ice Cream Social  

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6/13/2006 11:44 am

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Ice Cream Social

An Old man once told scream...... I scream .....we all scream.......for Ice Cream!! (bet you thought this was gonna be dirty huh?) Now I just love Ice Cream! Fat Free of course! But I like those hard to reach kinds of creams. The kind way behind the counter. Bubble Gum Ice Cream and of course the holiday special Candy Cane. So I pop over to my favorite slab creamery and get me sum!

"Ooooh, lemme have a bite." I say to my cute young stud who works the spot. He handed me the cute pink spoon and I act like a virgin having her first bite. I took the big spoonful and put it in between my glossed lips. I turned the spoon over and licked it clean, spending extra time cleaning it with my tongue. That dirty, filthy, fucking tongue. I love to turn him on in front of other eager customers...making love to me and my spoon.

I am sure he imagines me sucking his big young cock, maybe even he envisions two at the same time She's a swallower he says with his eyes. As the white cream disappears, he craves and wants the loving feel and warmth of hot cum squirting into my mouth, making it gooey and hard to breathe. Such a dirty girl, this one. But the cream is cold and I feel my nipples perking up. I then lick my lips and return my polished spoon.

You see, he ended up buying the ice cream for me. For this moment in time, he hopes to get to taste the inside of my dirty, fucking mouth.

I accepted his dessert, and with a quick "thank you", I was gone. He scooped, I tasted, I savored and smiled. I relished in the idea that I was tasting his cock. I saw his bulge in his pants and I could size things up. I was swallowing his young cum and he enjoyed every moment of it.

Such a dirty boy. Yes over 18 , please! Such a dirty fucking mind and mouth.

What indeed!! Were you wondering what I was wearing under the short skirt? I want to say crotchless panties. I’ve always wanted to tell someone that I was wearing crotchless panties, just to gauge their reaction. Truth is, I have only one pair and they always seemed a little pointless, more decadent even than a garter belt. Seriously, what’s the point of crotchless panties when you just want ice cream?

“So what was I wearing under that skirt?”

“Nothing, of course”

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