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Comtemplating what life can be, it becomes that rhetorical question of reality.

Dreams appear that do come true, your love will bring them all to you.

To manifest and to pursue, it attracts the best side of you.

Calming my mind and my body within, all is not viewed when the sun comes in.
Outward appearances may not always be true, it's not what you look like but from where it begins too.

Thoughts are like mirrors, reflected from afar, glazed in a maze, it all becomes bizarre, and it can fully blossom when wishing each night upon a star.

The reflections of my mind allowed me to experienced the beauty of so many days, while shown in a harmony of poetic display.

Finding balance becomes the masterplan, when it becomes effortless to understand the missing piece.

Belief in knowing there is more, then what I saw beyond the door.

Alone I sit in constant time, many feelings that were never defined.

Many thoughts did come true, exposed in ways by the things you do.

Living now in a clouded haze, endings in their final phase.

Images born within the mind, become the lessons left behind.

Appreciation for my collage, understanding it was all a mirage.

Searching hard to finally define, the reflections that are imprinted within my mind.

Searched and found who I am, waves of the water now transcend.

Time is a concept created in thought, erase from the memory what was not properly taught.

Caught in this time warp is a place in my mind, the past and the future just illusions lost in time.

Making sense of the real world that is happening now, opening my past boundaries and growing somehow.

Compassion and forgiveness is rooted in now. Love is the healer, that my mind will now endow.

Don't settle or doubt, close up or give in, it takes love and knowledge and extreme discipline.

At the end we seek enlightenment of the mind, where all is in harmony for the rest of our time.

I close my eyes and crawl inside, taking deep breathes to clear my mind.

Vibrant colors lead the way, with not a thought to fly away.

I search the darkness for the light, while viewing sunshine in the night.

My inside-out is on display, a paradox that truly hides but allows to find the way.

It can be a twist of fate to be found, that creates the peace while on the ground.

We must go beyond our own point of view, and recognize they will limit you.

Anything can be achieved, it seems to be found in the mystery behind the scenes.

The far gone times and past ignorance, narrow the mind to only allow where you have been.

The secret path is locked within, it is opposite to where you have been.

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7/3/2006 6:45 pm

H. G. Wells said "We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery."Maybe it is becasue we cannot accept that that we are always projecting inot what might have been rather than honoring what is and what was. Which leads to Einstein's "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity."

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Very cool, I ask you this, to what extent will you sacrifice for enlightenment, the ultimate consciousness can't be easy or pleasant. Really, how does one seperate themselves totally from the physical space(the 5 senses)and, mental space(conscious thought and spontanious thought). If you figure out a way, share it.

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 7/3/2006 8:10 pm:
The subconscious mind is immediate and responds to the nature of your thoughts. Your subconscious mind never rests, sleeps yet it's healing occurs more rapidly while you are asleep and amazingly answers are given to you while you are asleep. When you overload your conscious mind with fear, worry and nervousness, the negative sensations provoked in your subconscious mind are released and flood the conscious mind with a sense of alarm, apprehension and despair. The suggestions of others in themselves have absolutely no power over you except the power that you give them through your own thoughts. You have to give your mental consent; you have to entertain the thought. The suggestions, statements, or threats of other persons have absolutely no power.

When your conscious/objective mind accepts the thought completely, it is sent to the solar plexus, called the brain of your mind, where it becomes flesh and is made and manifested in your experience. Belief is a thought in your mind which causes the power of your subconscious to be distributed into all phases of your life according to your thinking habits. There’s power in our thoughts we can even send them afar through prayer as we are operating through the one universal subjective mind. To judge is to think, to arrive at a mental verdict or conclusion in your mind. A hateful or resentful thought is mental venom. Do not think sickly of another for to do so is to think ill upon yourself. The way you think, feel, and act towards other returns last upon yourself.

A positive outlook of the mind brings a harmonious union of the conscious and subconscious mind, which releases the healing power of love and this how love is sent to your body and made manifest in your surrounding environment. To think correctly, logically, we must know the “Truth.” To know the truth is to be in harmony with the infinite wisdom and power of your subconscious mind which always flows towards life, love and liberty. Happiness is a state of mind, its how you manifest heaven while living, not just a place people go when they have passed. The kingdom of happiness is in your thoughts and feeling. Self condemnation is called hell, forgiveness is called heaven. It is possible to love somebody you do not like. All you owe any person in this world is love, and love is wishing for everyone what you would normally wish for yourself–health, happiness, and all the blessings of life.

On another note....a few shots of Tequila along with a lobotomy can help seperate the physical from the mental. A lobotomy - it is permanent yet, a low maintenance alternative!!! HA! or.....hmmm marry a blonde? Damn, where is my Tequila!

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Sometimes reality pisses me off, but sometimes I find myself floating on top of it.

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