Based on being different  

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6/26/2006 11:51 am
Based on being different

In analyzing "our" perception of the world, the information our minds process about it, is, in its most basic form, based on differences.

We see an object only if it is different from the background. A black letter on white paper is perceived as information, while a white letter on white paper does not exist. We feel a sensory input only if it is different from it's context. A touch is - basically - felt by your nerve endings only because the surrounding nerves are not touched.

Difference. Variations. Contrast.

That's how we (mind/body) interact with our environment. We receive sensory input via difference and process it as information. If we should delve just a little deeper into this, we process analog information (fluid scales of more/less or hotter/colder) as well as digital information (on/off or there/gone).

Hmmm. I guess this is not a very sexy intro to what I see as one of the most important things in sex (kinky or vanilla). But there you have it. Difference, variation. In tempo, in method, in intensity, in all that constitutes the sexual exchange.

A few examples:

Rough fucking is divine! Getting fucked hard and intensely, feeling the pounding and thrusting within you is heavenly. Especially if it is a finale. But it is more so if it is contrasted to something else. If the tempo is, occasionally, slowed to almost a halt. Slooow, looong, sensuous thrusts. The variation awakens the cunt. It makes the nerve-ends respond. Because of the difference. The new information. Rough fucking alone can de-sensitize you. The cunt gets used to the sensation. There is no information.

So ... stop and lick. Or tickle. Or talk dirty while moving slower. Stimulate. Create a different sensory input. Any difference will do, unless you choose to do something that your partner happens to hate. Which will only create hysteria and some scenes you'd rather be without.

In D/s, the classic variation is between pain and/or control and nurture. The stopping of a spanking to stroke the blushing cheeks.The loving tenderness of a warm hand can be almost a shock to the senses. Difference. Variation. The sudden sharp pain of the twisting of a nipple in the middle of the more diffuse heat of a flogging. A warm tongue between your lips after a slap in the face. Contrast. HMMMMMMMMMM

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