God's Image  

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7/18/2006 4:17 pm
God's Image

We have all heard that we are made in His image. Then why aren't we all male? Just wondering. And IF the paintings are correct, why aren't we all white??? Again just wondering.
And this brings up homosexuals and transgendered.
Oh the uproar! Abominations before the Lord, crimes against nature.....give me a break.
Let's go with the "made in God's image" line.
There is debate as to God's gender...male (the accepted one), female, both or neuter.
If we are ALL indeed made in God's image, then God is all and none. Why else are there homosexuals, transgendered, hermaphoditic, heterosexual and nueter? If God truly intended there only to be heterosexual WHY did God make the others?
oh! God didn't make the others? Who did? Satan? Satan doesn't make anything but havoc and chaos. oh! They chose to be that way? We choose to change our hair style and color, our clothes, our car our house.....not our sexual orientation. Some do choose to be bi sexual, but they do lean towards one or the other on a regular basis...thus showing their true sexuality.
Now, let's look at the Bill of Rights....it declares we have the RIGHT to Life, Libery and the Pursuit of Happiness.
All this non heterosexual bashing and trying to deny marriage and children violates those RIGHTS.
We, the United States, call ourselves enlightened and civilized,that all are created equal and claim to be a shining beacon for the world. Bullshit! We need to clean up our backyard before telling our neighbors to clean up theirs.
Start by practising what we preach!!!

Don't you know who he thinks he is?

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