To a crips (I)  

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11/29/2005 5:39 pm

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To a crips (I)

Lying in bed that morning, I had been thinking about him. Somehow the way he spoke so honestly, heart on his sleeve, was such a huge turn on. We were to meet today, but he didn't want to tell me all the details. "It's a surprise, honey", he had said over the phone.

The spot I had picked out was easy to find. Cozy little hotel out of the big city, with the same amenities as most. I noticed an ice machine on the same floor as 'our' room. Had a naughty idea or two while unlocking the door.

He had instructed me to be in bed, by 9am. Gently but firmly, in his deep voice he had told me to bring with me my favorite sex toys, and lay them out on the pillow next to me before I tended to my tasks. Tasks. More like sexy assignments. He wanted me to be nicely shaved, fresh out of the shower, and in bed, sleeping before 11am. That last bit was hard to do, considering this was our first meeting, after so much heat and passion in our previous chats and talks on the phone. Chemistry seemed so fiery. I tried, I really did. I was so concentrated on sleeping and hoping he would slide into bed with me, quietly, that I soon found myself slipping two eager fingers between my pussy lips and having no qualms about sneaking in one little gentle orgasm before he burst through the door.

Actually, it was a nice orgasm. Sweetly brought on by the thought of having him locking my thighs ajar, knees high in his gripping hands and having his mouth mashing against my aching cunt, relentlessly sucking at my throbbing clit.

He had burnt that image into my mind, after repeating over and over how much he ached to taste me, like that. Shamelessly smearing his whole face with my creamy juices, letting me hear all this sopping wet suckling, famished, like a fucking animal. MMMmm...

"Don't stop on my account - and no, you can't turn around, sweetie.", I heard.


My eyes shot open. I was caught there, lying on my side with one knee bent, my hand between my thighs, still grinding my hips slowly to imprint my fingers onto my slick clit. Oh dear god. He was there, watching. How long had he been standing there?

"God, you fucking turn me on." he added.

I heard the sound of some garments being thrown on the leather chair, and then the flops of shoes being yanked off. Sound of a zipper slowly going down, and pants, dropping to the floor.

Blushing, I hid my face into the pillow, and sighed real slow and deep. The first thing I felt was his hand slipping underneath the silk sheets, directly (and how warm it felt) slipping in between my parted thighs, to let his fingertips so gently slip over my slippery shaved pussy lips.

I gasped.

He didn't stop.

I exhaled.

"My baby's so wet for me, already."

I lifted myself onto my elbows, head hanging there, panting. The weight of his arm, on the back of my upper thigh, and the grinding of his fingers slowly barely slipping between my cunt lips, unbareable.

"Yes I am, wet. I've ached for you all morning. Gawd."

"You know how much I want this tight little pussy, don't you sweetie?"

*Gasp* "...yes."

"You know how hard I'm going to be pounding you all day, correct?"

*Gasp* "... oh god."

"DON'T you!?", he demanded, as he shoved his two fingers straight up into my warm aching pussy.

"Ungh..... yes!", and his fingers slipped out. He sat on the side of the bed. He slid a silky blindfold over my eyes, taking the time to move my long hair on each side of my face as he finally tied it. "Slide out of bed, baby. I want to see you." He rose from the bed.

I swallowed, after licking my lips. He had specified that he wanted me to wear something sleak like a little teddy, black, something that would show off my tits and hang there delicately with slim straps. Something to grab onto, he added.

"Oh, wow, look at you - fuck." he exclaimed.

By now, I had slipped out from underneath the covers, just clad in a silk teddy, not so conservative, not so slutty. He guided me to slowly kneel before him.

"Good girl", he whispered in my ear.

I could just bite my lip, hands half trembling, palms down on my knees.

"Give me your hand, baby."

I gave him my right hand.

"Feel what you're doing to me today, again?!"

He firmly pressed my palm over his hard cock, through his boxers. Rubbing it up the length of his shaft. I could feel him slowly rolling his hips into my palm. I slowly raised my other hand to feel my way underneath the hem of the other boxer leg, and gently my palm found its way to his balls, warmly squeezing them. I felt him take both his hands, to ease down his boxers.

He wrapped a hand behind my neck, through my hair, and slowly caressed my cheek, lips, jaw line with his thumb. His hand left my face for a second, and he applied his thumb to my lips again, this time, coated with a warm slick texture. I eagerly tasted, licked my lips, and he kept feeding me some more.

It wasn't long before he slowly tilted my head as he willed, to have his cock head glide all around my lips. "Open wide baby. Let me drink you in. MMmm.... fuck, this is exactly what I had imagined it would feel like. Your sexy lips, to taste me, to savor me." I felt his thumb gently guiding my jaw down, to open up wider. "Give me that tongue" he whispered, and I did. He glided the head of his cock in big lazy circles around my lips, dabbing his hot precum here and there. I groaned aloud, loving the way he tasted and teased.

In one slow thrust, he let my tongue glide up the full underside of his shaft. I was so eager to suck his beautiful hard rod. He quickly pulled me back, letting me know who was in charge.

Once his cock was completely slick from my lapping, he just let it glide naturally into my mouth, both hands now softly cradled behind my head, ready to fuck my mouth. I felt him shift his feet wider apart on each side of my knees, the length of his cock now sliding over my tongue. My lips wrapped around it like a sleak glove, as he slowly pumped himself in and out. He leaned over to slip one hand down over my breasts, and I could feel his ragged breath washing down on my head. "Mmmmm fuck that feels good. Your hot mouth, sucking my cock." I moan in response. "Are you happy, baby?" he asked. I moaned louder, as he thrusted his hips forward, letting me have his whole cock in my mouth. I could sense how tight my throat constricted around that fat helmet, and I swallowed on purpose, slowly. My cunt was just getting wetter and wetter by the second. I was giving him his first deep throat, ever.

He withdrew his cock, swiftly grabbed my hand and pulled me up into his arms, groping me all over. "Fuck, you are gonna get it. That hot mouth is so eager to suck my cock.. Mmmmmmm... fucking your face, feeling that tight loving throat..." he grunted, now almost sounding frustrated. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me so hard, and deep.

I found myself regaining balance only once after he manoeuvered to carry me over to the giant window panes of the hotel room. He spinned me around, and ripped off the straps to the teddy. My tits just spilling and his hands groping them firmly.

"Time for you to see what Superman's made of, sweetie."

He still had his crisp white shirt on. I loved how he took over and how he felt, still half dressed and taking full control. Gotta love a man who's too horny to get fully naked. He pinned my hands up on the glass pane, and firmly knocked my feet wide apart. "Spread.... now." Oh, and I did. "Ass out, like I want it." And I arched my back, to let him have the finest view of my ass. I grinned as I turned my head to the side, only feeling the light of day on my face, blindfold still on just snug enough. "Fffffuck," he added "do you know how good you look right now?". No, I shook my head.

He leaned over me, pressing his hips to my bare ass, as he breathed down my neck. "I..." as he softly pressed his large hands over mine on the glass panes, "don't...", as he exhaled after each few words, against my neck, "want... to see...", he pulled my left hand further up the glass, and slammed in down on it "those hands...", as he did the same to my other hand, making the whole window tremble, "...move." I could sense that primal instinct in his grunts, on his breath.

Within a second, he had the fat head of his cock gliding against my smooth slit. The whole length of his shaft was rocking to and fro hard against my clit, smearing my cunt juices. "I see that sucking a big hard cock gets my little slut very turned on, doesn't it" he groaned in my ear. "Yes, it does." I moaned back.

To be continued...

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11/29/2005 6:30 pm

I'm new here, so I don't know where you've been, but after reading your post and growing a huge hard-on, I just want to say, "Welcome back!"

norprin5 56M

11/29/2005 6:37 pm

great! now I gotta walk around work with a stiff cock! keep talkin', She! great stuff!

King Nor XVIII

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11/29/2005 8:05 pm

don't know if the story is real or not - but it looks like you're the one who's in control...good for you!

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wow felt like i was almost there myself.....mmmmm wicked

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