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rm_Shen_Fei_Fei 53F
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2/22/2005 8:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

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It's hot in Singapore. 35 degrees centrigrade today. I went to the club and spent an hour in the pool. Also got an hour's worth of uneven tan-lines. I wish Asians were more forgiving of imperfect bodies like mine, so I can go out in bikini and not end up with fair belly and dark limps.

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2/22/2005 1:41 pm

May noy be perfect..Who is..But looks Tasty to me..LOL


5/21/2005 8:52 am

make me want to twirl my tongue round yr nipple..pussy getting wet now


7/8/2005 8:42 pm

m crazy bout ladies with imperfect body n figure can i get 2 noe u
call me richard

rm_endwar_at_hm 43M

10/8/2005 11:17 am

intersting that you should say that...

do you think asians are demanding with regards to the shape of their body?

When i was in the US, i saw teenage girls in mid-riff baring shirts, with their fast food tummies hanging out. Wished that they didn't do that.... but now i see your pint of view... it's your perogative to bare whatever you want right?


thanks for the thought and pic!



11/23/2005 7:38 pm

Love your nip..looks inviting

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