Over stepping the comfort zone line!!  

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8/27/2006 3:06 pm

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8/27/2006 3:32 pm

Over stepping the comfort zone line!!

Here is the situation, we have a simple set of rules; #1 we both play or no one plays, #2 We never play in seperate rooms unless it is with a couple we have both been with before! Very simple rules right?? Well I thought so and she is the one that insisted on them!! So here is the situation one night at a club. We are at the club hanging out with 4 other couples, we are all hitting it off and all having a good time. At about 11:00 it is suggested and agreed on that all 5 couples will go and get one room for play. We all figure about 12 we will head back, giving everyone time for another dance or two and time to hit the bar for a drink if they want. So here is where the night takes a twist, one of the girls at that point wounders off with a single guy, no big deal, then her hubby and one of the other girls in our group go and jump in a room on their own. Ok at this point the group has pretty much given up on the one room deal. two of the other couples say enough is enough we are headed out and leave, so my wife and i take a walk and the guy that lost his wife to a room tags along, so far no prob. I say to the wife I think the night is a bust for playing with other couples and she agrees. So we both agree that we will just go have a drink or 2 at the bar and get ready to go home. At this point we had lost the guy that was with us, he disapeared so I thought. The wife says I am going to get my other shoes out of the locker and hit the bathroom and I will meet you at the bar. All is ok at this point!! So about 10 min goes by and I start to wounder where she got to so I get up and take a quick walk around the club, no sign of her, so I go back to the bar. I about 2 min a rather large woman (and that is being nice) comes up and sits beside me and say "I see you got left out hi and dry from your fun group". I look at her as if to say what are you talking about!, and say no wife will be right here. She laughs and says I don't think so she was leading a guy to a room! I say I don't think so and besides if it is the case it would be a guy from our group and she would have told me. She laughed and walked away!! So now I am starting to get a bit up set since 15 min has gone by and if she is in a room , none of the other couples we were with had we ever been with, so that would be crossing the line with our simple rules!! Plus I was so in the mood to play and here I sit at the bar!! So I take a walk, all the play room doors are closed! And by now I know she is in a room and now I am pissed off. Which room? I had a 1 in 22 chance. So i sat at the bar and thought about which rooms I saw opened last. So I figure I will knock on a door and join them, no problem with that right? At this point I am not pissed but now just wanting to join in. I get lucky and knock on the right door the first try! I say my wifes name and she says WHAT I AM A BIT BUSY! So I say oh you are?? and walk away and go back to the bar. Then by now I am thinking if I were to have just done what she is doning I would be in all kinds of trouble with her!! So I go back and knock on the door, say her name, she again says I am busy! I say well then you had better let me know what is going on next time! Now I did say this in a voice that she knows is me pissed off. She now come out of the room naked and says what is the problem, I say did you forget the rules you made about seperate room play as I look in to see who she is with. At this point she starts the I AM SORRY I FORGOT BIT!!! She says let me get dressed and I will meet you at the bar. I say ok you have 2 min or i am headed home. So she comes out and starts the sorry bit all over and the i know i messed up. Then she says he even asked her should i let your hubby know or ask him before we go to a room. Now I am pissed cause there was no excuse for the forgetting at this point. Now to top it off the guy she was with started to avoid me at this point, not even a sorry or hey dude i messed up. Now to top it all off!! My wife says he wanted you to join us back there you know a mfm. So I figure what the hell no use being an ass and say ok what is done is done, tell him I am game if he is and we can go get a room. COOL RIGHT!!! WRONG!!!! Wife gets up and starts to talk to another couple, then the guy that was with the wife comes over and sits by me, says nothing. Then the wife comes or and says thank you to him and looks at me and says lets head home!! AT this point I gave up being pissed or being anything other than mad for about two days. What I want to know is how would have you guys or ladies handeled this situation and would you have let them finish up what they started in the room?

EnureSleekCrisp 66M
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10/21/2006 7:05 pm

I know what your wife did was wrong as per your rules, but sometime when the heat of the moment takes over things like that happen. I have been swinging as a couple, and alone, and always tried to make sure the husband was ok with me being with his wife. Sometimes ladies will tell us its ok, so we believe them, its up to them! Of course if you had had a pretty lady come on to you at the bar,and take you into a room, would you have gone adhead and had fun forgetting about wife? We are each our own person, were you feeling sorry for your self because you didn't get asked, or ask, to join in with anybody? Maybe next time you will have more fun, don't blame her when she had fun and you didn't. Why do you go to a club except for both of you to have fun. If you love her, You will want her to have a good time, and guess who she is going home with? YOU! I am sure that she will make sure you have a good time with her, when you get home! unless you act all pissed off, and Mad! I always found that the night didn't end when we got home! Sometimes that was the hottest sex. So go with the flow and both of you have fun! Johnny

tjinsoutheastpa1 54M
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11/6/2006 6:23 am

Just one question....where's this club? Hey, I'm local and would love to check it out with my wife sometime.

rm_needledick48 64M
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11/18/2006 8:08 am

Marital discord at the meet, make your own rules and as for a bit busy next time join the fray and plug and/of lick her holes that are left available.

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