Two-Hour Layover  

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Two-Hour Layover

Jess looked out the window at the mountains surrounding the airport. There was nothing quite like it at home. She lived in the heart of the very flat mid-west and she usually found the jagged peaks enthralling. But not today. Today she was more concerned with what was waiting for her in the terminal. Or, more precisely, who.

That was if he was even there at all. Marc had said he would be there, but real life frequently had a knack of getting in their way. And she had a secret belief that probably dated back to parochial school that if she wanted something too much it wouldn’t happen. Jessica wanted this more than anything she had wanted in a long, long, long time.

Of course, this was something she shouldn’t even want. But Jessica had been locked in a lackluster marriage for far too long. Her husband was married to his job first and his family came in a distant second. When the opportunity to attend this seminar had come up at work she had jumped at it. Fortunately her parents had been only too happy to spoil Emi for the weekend so her trip wouldn’t impact Robert’s schedule at all. He had actually been relieved that he wouldn’t have to fit any ‘family time’ into the inevitable golf tournament of the weekend.

The plane couldn’t possibly taxi any slower to the gate. She checked her makeup again and noticed that the hand holding her compact had a tell-tale shake to it. Maybe she shouldn’t worry about his showing up but her own sudden onslaught of nerves. Jess felt like a teenager on her first date, for heaven’s sake, not a thirty-three year old wife and mother.

Finally the plane pulled up to the gangway and the passengers started to stand up and collect their belongings in that agonizingly slow crush for the door. Jessica tugged her carry on bag out from under the seat and, with a death grip around the strap of her purse, she made her way past the flight attendants and into the airport terminal. She followed the crowd toward the security check-point, vowing to herself that if he wasn’t there she wouldn’t be upset. Instead she would knock back a venti latte and overdose on something decadent and chocolaty.

But he was there as promised. Marc stood away from the crowd a bit against a wall on the other side of security waiting for her. Jess would’ve recognized him anywhere. Even if they had never actually met she had seen pictures, talked online via webcam. A smile spread across her face and her pace picked up a bit, eager to finally be near him. When he continued to look right at her and not smile her step faltered and she wondered if maybe he wasn’t as happy to see her.

Jessica held out her free hand uncertainly at her side, wondering if it wasn’t too late to change her mind and slink back to her gate when a smile of recognition lit his handsome face. Until that point she hadn’t noticed the piece of paper in his hand, which he slowly turned around. He had written her screen name on it. No one else watching would have stood the significance of it, but she did. He was there to meet the woman he knew online.

She quickly covered the rest of the distance between them and came to a stop in front of him. ‘Damn,’ Jess thought in surprise. ‘He’s even better looking in person.’ She kept waiting for him to be unappealing to her, figuring then the spell would be broken but it just never seemed to happen. “Hi.” Uncertain of the proper etiquette when meeting a cyber lover for the first time she settled for a quick hug.

Marc held her close for a long moment, his hands spanning her hips possessively. “It’s NICE to finally meet you.” She felt his embrace tingle in all the right places.

“I wasn’t too sure there for a sec.” She confessed, allowing him to take her suit case and lead her away from the mêlée of people waiting for other disembarking passengers.

“I couldn’t see you.” He admitted, scrutinizing her now as they walked. “I can’t see a damned thing in here in my sunglasses and I left my other glasses in the car.”

Jess shook her head in disbelief, still a little stunned that this was actually happening. “I can’t believe you’re really here.”

“You didn’t think I was going to be here?” Marc stopped and looked at her seriously. “If I say I’m going to be here I’m going to be here.”

Grinning, Jessica stepped up as close as she felt she could manage in such a public place. Subtly she rubbed her breasts against his forearm. “I’m so glad I was wrong.”

His brown eyes widened slightly and the smile returned to his face. As they waited to pick up her connecting boarding pass they talked as if they were old friends, falling into the easy familiarity that had made their relationship unique from the out start. “I checked the flight times before I left home. It said you were going to be late. I was surprised when I got here and the board said your flight was already in.”

“Yeah…I had a little talk with the pilots, had to give them all blow jobs to get here on time.” She teased. “So my cheeks are a little sore.”

Marc laughed. She liked the sound of it; rich and genuine, not too loud or boorish. “Good thing. I was pretty pissed. I didn’t want to lose any time with you.”

“Well, here I am.” Jess replied with a happy shrug.

“Yes you are.” He agreed, looking her over appreciatively. “And you look great.” Subtly Marc’s hand skimmed down her back and slowly over her ass. “Really great.”

Standing in line was making her crazy. She wanted to touch him back, wanted to kiss him, wanted him to kiss her. Instead she prattled on about her flight, the weather and whatever else she could think of to distract her from her purpose. “And getting to the airport this morning was a breeze. It only took about half an hour. Left super early because I wasn’t sure what traffic would be like.”

“You really are blonde.” He reached out and gently pushed at a lock of her hair, having tuned out her ramblings as he studied her. “It looks more red on the cam.” Marc’s glance wandered down over her chest. “And those are perfect.” He moved his mouth close to her ear and added, “I am so hard for you right now.”

“You are?” Jessica squeaked in surprise, her eyes immediately dropping to the swelling in his pants.

“You are HOT Baby.” Marc assured her, gently propelling her toward the ticket counter where she was next in line. Once her boarding pass was taken care of they headed away from the gate area. “Do you want to see the car now?”

The car was a jet black 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible that Marc had recently acquired. The question was posed to give her the out if she wanted it and for that she was grateful. “You bet!” She had finally gotten this far and there was no way she was going to turn down the offer to see his baby and to be alone with him; or as alone as you could possibly be in an international airport.

In the elevator Jessica brushed against him again, enjoying the role of tease and the feeling of freedom it gave her. The art of seduction was not something she was very practiced at. But today, because he had made the effort to come and meet her, was responding to her efforts, Jess felt like maybe she could be that fantasy wanton that she had always imagined.

As soon as they were in the open air parking garage he lit a cigarette, looking at her apologetically. “Sorry. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No problem.” Jessica waved off his concern. ‘Right about now I could use one myself.’ She thought, wondering briefly just how nuts she was to walk out of the airport to the waiting vehicle of a relative stranger. Of course, Marc didn’t FEEL like a stranger. On the contrary, he felt entirely too familiar.

“Now all we have to do is find the car.” He muttered, looking around for a familiar landmark.

That stopped her dead in her tracks. “You don’t know where you’re parked?”

“How the hell am I supposed to remember that?” Marc muttered, his eyes scanning the crowded parking garage.

“It’s not like a ’66 Lincoln is an easy car to lose.” Jess teased, again with the light brush against him.

“Shut up.” He growled playfully. Marc tugged on her suitcase and headed off to the right. “This way.” They circled the level once before he spotted a familiar car and headed her down the correct aisle, giving them more time for the playful banter that they both enjoyed.

“And you expect to beat me at any contest of knowledge when you can’t even remember where you parked your car?”

“I will whip that fine little ass of yours, Baby.” He returned, flashing a confident smile. “My brain is so full of trivia that there is no room for little details like parking places.”

“Good thing you remembered when my flight got in.” Jessica winked.

“Like you would’ve let me forget that.” Marc stopped in front of a gleaming black Lincoln Continental in pristine condition.

She ran her hand lightly over the trunk. “Oh wow…it’s gorgeous!” Jess might not know too much about cars, but this one was a beauty. The pictures he had sent her did not do it justice. Marc gave her the grand tour, showing her the engine, the trunk and the various modifications he had already made. His enthusiasm for his car was endearing to Jess.

They were leaning against the retainer wall in front of the car, again deep in conversation that still came so easily to them even after all this time, when Marc decided they had both waited long enough. “C’mere.”

Jess was suddenly shy. They had discussed this very moment for weeks, and now when the time came she was locked in a mass of insecurities. Timidly she met his lips in a fairly chaste little kiss and started to pull away, but his hands settled on her hips and held her close. “Oh no you don’t.” Marc kissed her again, this time sliding his clever tongue into her mouth, sending any inhibitions she might have flying off on the nearest 747.

Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him for all she was worth, her tongue eagerly dancing with his. Damn he kissed well! Little moans escaped her mouth when his hands moved to caress her breasts through her top. A matching ache built inside of her when she felt the engorged length of his cock pressing against the apex of her thighs.

“God you feel so good!” Marc cupped her bottom side in his hands, his mouth feasting on her earlobe and working down her neck. “And these,” His hands found there way back to her well endowed chest, gently thumbing the erect nipples. “Whoever said more than a handful is a waste was a fool.”

Feeling emboldened by his praise she sought out his straining shaft, slowly running her hand up and down the length of him. “Now THAT is nice.”

“Just wait until it’s really hard.” He assured her before hitting her with another barrage of kisses that made her knees weak.

Jess was frustrated by the limitations of this little public petting session. This wasn’t high school anymore. She was all grown up and knew exactly what she wanted. “Hey, I still haven’t gotten that tour of the back seat that you promised me.”

Marc grinned and led her to the car, opening the suicide door for her. She slid past him, her hand sliding over his bulging zipper. “See how roomy it is back here?” He asked as he sat down next to her, already leaning over her to cover her mouth with his again.

“Mmmmmmm….very roomy.” Jessica agreed between kisses.

The back seat of the Lincoln afforded them a bit more privacy and they kissed and touched each other hungrily now. Marc’s hands now wandered freely under her top and she couldn’t get enough of his stiff prick beneath his pants. “Uhm, would you mind if I, uh, climbed on?” Jess asked hesitantly.

He held his arms open wide and grinned. “Go right ahead.”

She eagerly straddled him, one knee settling on each side, and slowly settled her burning box over his erection. “Oh fuck that feels good.” Jess moaned, her mouth devouring his enthusiastically. The garage was entirely too public for her to strip down and ride him the way she wanted to, but finally feeling him pressed that close to her pussy was beyond incredible.

“Oh yeah.” He agreed, his mouth nipping at her tits through her shirt. “I probably shouldn’t do that. You don’t want to walk around with two big, wet circles…”

She chuckled and, glancing around to make sure there was no one in the general vicinity, lifted her top to expose her lace clad globes for his inspection. “Better?”

“Oh…Hell…Yessssssss!” Marc ground out, touching her almost reverently before sucking a breast into his mouth, bra and all.

Jessica put her head back and moaned, thrilling in the exquisite sensations of his mouth on her nipple. The lace bra quickly became an unwelcome impediment in his exploration of her assets. Impatiently she reached back and flicked at the clasp, her tits pouring into his eager hands.

As Marc licked and sucked she rocked against the raging hard-on cradled between her legs. Holy Fuck this felt better than she had imagined. Jess held him close, raining kisses on his forehead, racing headlong toward a Force 10 Orgasm. Sensing that she was close, he slid a hand between her legs and beat a rapid tattoo against her crotch. His tongue thrust into her mouth, fucking her in any and every way possible until she clenched tightly above him and groaned her pleasure into his mouth.

She clung to him for a long moment, willing her pulse back to normal. She had just cum on top of him…FULLY CLOTHED! Jessica couldn’t remember ever being so aroused. “Ohmigod that was incredible!” She panted, kissing him deeply.

His cock throbbed insistently against her. “Yes you are.” Marc agreed, running his hands comfortingly over her back.

But she wasn’t done yet. “Do you think I could,” Jess paused and slid off his lap, perching on the seat next to him. “I’ve got to at least see it.” She caressed his rigid cock beneath his pants and looked at him hopefully.

His hand moved to his zipper. “Are you sure?” He asked, again giving her a chance to put on the brakes if she wanted to.

Jess could only nod and watch dry mouthed as Marc slid the zipper down and his cock jumped out from its confines. Her hand reached out and carefully circled the thick base and slowly slid up to the tip, her thumb gently caressing the silken head. But there was no way that this was going to be good enough for her. She needed to taste him. Leaning forward, she wrapped her lips around the swollen head and lapped tentatively at the tip with her tongue. Experimentally, Jessica slid up and down his length a few times, getting the feel of his shaft.

Jessica settled in next to him and started to really work his cock, taking her time and alternately sucking and exploring his length with her mouth and eager tongue. “Now THAT feels good!” He moaned appreciatively, thrusting his cock up into her mouth. “I’m not going to cum any time soon, though.”

Grinning, Jessica nibbled her way down the underside of his cock. She loved a challenge, especially if that challenge was to get him to dump a load in her mouth. Her hand caressed his balls, still tucked away in his pants, as she swallowed his cock again and really went to work. Even if he didn’t cum she was going to make damned sure they both enjoyed it.

She sucked him off as thoroughly as she knew how, completely lost in the task at hand. Jess certainly hoped that he was able to keep some sort of half eye out for passers-by because she was entirely too focused on pleasing him. Each slow slide down his cock was a little deeper, each lap at his cock with her tongue more insistent.

Marc stoked her hair, holding her close, urging her on. “Oh fuck.” His fingers suddenly tangled into her and held her tightly in place as he rammed hard up into her. “I’m gonna cum!”

Jessica took that to mean ‘suck harder’ and increased the vacuum around him, hollowing out her cheeks and taking him in slightly further than Mother Nature intended. With a groan he shot into her again and again, filling her mouth with hot streams of cum. Greedily she guzzled every delightful drop, cleaning him meticulously before giving back what was left of his drained staff.

Eventually she sat back in her seat and grinned up at him. “Wow.”

“Wow is right.” It was amazing that they had gotten away with as much as they did without attracting a crowd. “Thank you.” Marc leaned in to her for another shattering kiss. The taste of his cum and the feel of his tongue in her mouth was almost hotter than her earlier orgasm. “I didn’t think that we would…I had hoped, but I really didn’t think…” He admitted.

“Oh, you and me both.” Jessica agreed, relaxing into his side. “I guess I kind of lost control there.”

“I am NOT complaining.” Marc assured her. “I’m just sorry I didn’t get to taste you.”

Jess grinned and reached for the button at the top of her jeans. “What are you doing?” He asked cautiously.

She had the zipper down and stopped short of sliding her hand into her panties. “Do you trust me?”

“Well, yeah–” Marc watched curiously as her hand disappeared into her pants, only to reappear a minute later glistening with her own juices.

“Taste me.” Jessica offered him her finger which he sucked into his mouth, slowly savoring every drop.

“You are delicious.” He said on a low growl, his kiss transmitting his frustration that he could not consume her completely.

The ‘after soak’ could have fallen into either the awkward silence of a one night stand or the familiar repartee of long time lovers. Jess had to admit that it was both a good thing and a bad thing that they fell into the latter column. Good because she’d hate to think that she had so thoroughly misread this man whom she had just taken so much pleasure in sucking off and bad because it was going to make walking away that much more difficult when the time came. But for now neither of them thought that far into the future, both content to exist in the here and now for however long they had left.

She brushed at some makeup on his collar. “Sorry about that.” Her eye caught sight of her watch and she frowned, surprised at the passage of time. “When do you have to leave?”

Marc took her hand in his own and looked down at her watch, sighing. “In about half an hour.” He pressed his lips against her forehead. “I suppose we should be getting you back soon.” Marc looked as loathe as she felt to end this afternoon and made no move to let her out of the circle of his arms.

Reluctantly they righted their clothes, neither one too eager to open the car door and re-enter the real world. They meandered around the parking garage for a bit, enjoying the warm breeze and each other’s company, before giving in to the inevitable and returning to the terminal. Marc led her into a tourist shop where they played around a bit with baseball caps and t-shirts and other kitsch. He ended up buying a keychain for her, a little reminder of her time in the back seat with him…as if she would ever forget.

They made a quick stop for coffee before getting in the long line to the security checkpoint. Jess was more than a little surprised when he stayed with her past his half hour deadline. “Don’t you need to get to work?” She asked in concern.

“Five more minutes.” His hand brushed over hers. “I’m not ready to leave you yet.”

She leaned in for a quick kiss. “I wish I could stay longer.” This was the part she dreaded; saying goodbye to Marc. Especially when saying hello had been so very sweet.

“I wish you could stay PERIOD.”

Jessica smiled sadly. It was an impossibility and they both knew it. “Nah. You’d hate living with me. I’d want to fuck all the time. You’d never get any sleep.”

“And this is bad how?” Marc rebutted playfully.

� His hand brushed over hers. “I’m not ready to leave you yet.”

She leaned in for a quick kiss. “I wish I could stay longer.” This was the part she dreaded; saying goodbye to Marc. Especially when saying hello had been so very sweet.

“I wish you could stay PERIOD.”

Jessica smiled sadly. It was an impossibility and they both knew it. “Nah. You’d hate living with me. I’d want to fuck all the time. You’d never get any sleep.”

“And this is bad how?” Marc rebutted playfully.

“And you’d get all pissy when I inevitably beat you at games of skill.” She teased.

“That’d never happen, Baby.” He assured her with a cocky grin.

“Uh-huh.” Jess rolled her eyes. “Yes, Dear.”

The time to say goodbye and return to real life came entirely too quickly for Jessica. Before she knew it they had exchanged one final kiss and she had watched him walk away from her. Now as the plane taxied away from the airport she stared out at the parking garage, his taste still lingering in her mouth, and reflected on how this afternoon with Marc had been the perfect fantasy. For two hours Jess felt sexy, empowered desirable…something she thought she had lost long ago, if she had ever really had a handle on it at all. She certainly had no intention of letting that woman disappear again. Nor the incredible man that had given her so much pleasure this afternoon. Jessica would definitely be changing planes again here very soon.

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Balibabe19 43F

6/4/2006 11:48 pm

well done...very arousing and strangely familiar...oops that was my secret!!! Keep it up..pardon the pun!

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