Princess and the Punk Ch. 4.2  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 4.2

He was shocked to be looking into his Jenny's eyes. He had come to accept that every woman would remind him or her and was just flabbergasted to be next to her. He could see clearly on her face that she was just as shocked to see him.

"Thank you for the strawberries, they're my favorite." She was the first to break their silence.

He could hear her voice waiver slightly. He nodded and watched as she looked at her food before taking a bite. He watching as her lips closed around the fork and felt a bolt shoot through him straight to his groan. He watched as she licked the extra sauce off the fork before turning to look at him.

"Rob." He blurted out and just as fast kicked himself for it. He hadn't been ready to say anything when she looked back at him and his words even startled him.

She giggled slightly and smiled at him.

"Rob," she said softly and he felt the bolt shoot through him again. "I'm Jennifer."

He loved the way she had softly said his name and wanted to her hear moan it, but just nodded and chuckled to himself.

"So it is short for something." He made the comment mostly to himself.

She blushed and rushed, "Yeah, my sister Ginny's the only one that really calls me that now."

He was shocked. "So the blonde's your sister, I guess that makes sense." He said aloud to himself.

She turned and started playing with her food. He had obviously hit a nerve with that comment and cursed himself for it. Of course it would bother her, her sister probably got most of the attention. He tried to think of something witty to say.

"You must have all the looks in your family."

She had taken another bite and choked lightly. Concerned he watched her until she broke out laughing. It was a crazy laugh and she quickly covered her mouth to hide it which only made him love it more.

"What?" He tried to find his most innocent voice. "What's so funny?"

She held her hand up and took a moment. "We're identical." She burst out laughing again and it took a moment for her to calm down.

He was on fire. Her laughter and the fact that she was twin sent his mind off in a million different directions.

"Thank you, no one's ever said that to me before."

He laughed and tried to put on a shocked face. "No way!" Leaning closer to her he watched as her breathing got heavier. "I don't believe that as beautiful as you are."

She blushed deeply and played with her food. He couldn't believe how incredibly adorable she was when she was nervous. He wanted her more that moment that any other combined. When she turned to look at him he saw it in her eyes that she felt the same. She licked her lips before biting it and he couldn't help himself. He leaned closer to her and when she closed her eyes he quickly leaned in and kissed her. He couldn't deny her what she wanted.

As he sat back she pursed her lips and let a ragged breath out. He thought for a moment that maybe she'd never been kissed before and the thought thrilled him. She looked him in the eyes briefly and then looked down at the bowl. He watched her has she alternated between taking a bite and biting her lip. He could see her hand shaking lightly and figured she was trying to find something to say. He had been a little worried that he had scared her off but the urge to have her was to strong.

He shifted on the stool to be able to lean to her. He could feel his breath coming off her cheek and thought at first that the words weren't going to come out.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking of you." He whispered to her ear his lips softly touching as he spoke. He tried to tell her how much he had wanted to see her again but wasn't really sure what he had said. Her breathing was heavy and had overloaded his senses. He was lost in her for a moment before sitting back. When she didn't say anything or move he turned back in seat and cursed at himself.

It had been too much too fast and he'd probably destroyed any chance he had with her. He felt her move slightly but was too upset with himself to watch her walk away. Suddenly he felt her hands on his face pulling him to her. Her lips were so soft and he was blown away by her bold move. Wrapping his arms around her he spun in the chair to pull her against him. As her fingers moved over his face their kiss broke for a few quick breaths. As they kissed again he forgot about everyone in the diner and placed his hand on her back wanting her closer.

As their kiss broke she couldn't keep looking him in the eyes and bit her lip. He chuckled to himself as he knew it was a habit for when she didn't know what to do next. Reaching up he took face in his hand and guided her luscious lips back to him. Her bodyweight fell against his chest and into his arms. When their kiss broke she giggled nervously and tried to sit back down, almost completely missing.

He recalled how when he had first spoke to her she had done almost the same thing and he felt like screaming. He had swept her off her feet with just a few words and could do it more so with a touch. He wanted more. He straddled the stool to get as close as he could to her.

"Did someone spike your strawberries?" he whispered into her ear, his lips pressed against her. When she started to giggle lightly he smiled as he nuzzled her neck breathing the soft sent of strawberries that had haunted him all week.

"I always thought chocolate was the way to a woman's heart." The waitress said as he sat back.

His eyes were on Jenny and she laughed and pointed to him, "Remember the guy I was tell you about?"

He felt like pulling her into his lap and kissing her until she begged him for more. The fact that she had talked to him with anyone, let alone someone other then her sister excited him. When the waitress suggested a booth he was up. He wanted to be closer to her, to feel her body against him again. He put his arm around her as they walked over to where she had been sitting earlier. Quickly he stepped around her to ensure him the wall and pulled her in behind him.

Leaning against the back wall he put his arm around her and pulled her as close as he could get and took a sip of coffee. He was ecstatic to feel her body pressing against him. When she laughed he leaned towards her.

"What's so funny Jenny?" He let her name fall from his lips with as much sexual energy as he could muster.

She shook her head lightly and asked if he was comfy. Smiling he dropped his arm lower and let his fingers drift under her sweater. He began to kiss along her cheek to her ear and as he sucked on it she let a soft 'o' that caused him to explode inside. He felt himself straining against his clothes and though it was beginning to get a little painful he wanted more. He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips passionately. Pressing he opened her mouth slightly and flicked his tongue against the silky lips.

As she turned her hands fell on his chest and he pushed his tongue into her mouth searching its warmth and tasting her. As their tongues began to duel she clenched his shirt and he tried to gasp for air with his tongue still in her mouth. Sloppily they both gasped for air and he tried to keep her lips against his as he breathed, breathing in her panting sweet breath. As they began their tongued kiss again her mouth closed around his tongue and as she sucked it lightly he fell into ecstasy. Pulling her as tightly against him as he could, he felt the pre cum beginning to over soak the fabric.

Finally they broke their kiss both panting heavily. He rested his head against her, breathing her in as she let go of his shirt. As her hand slowly fell down his side towards his pants his breath caught and he thought he would cum right then. Picking her hand up, he kissed her lightly and looked deep into her blazing blue eyes. They seemed to dance with the flame of passion. He kissed her hand softly and then her fingertips, relishing in her touch before looking into those eyes again.

She began to blush and he guessed that she'd probably never been in this type of situation before. As she laid her head on his shoulder the thought of her being a virgin kept flickering into his mind. As their fingers explored their hands he softly kissed her hair, breathing in that haunting strawberry.

" apartment's about a block away..."

At first she had started him by breaking their silence but when she finished he was almost shaking. The thought of making love to her pushed him slightly closer to the edge and he tried to keep himself together.

"I gotta go to the restroom first."

She leaned away from him and turned to point behind them. He had to push her lightly to get her to move and he was thankful that he could get past her without her seeing just how aroused she had made him. Thankfully the restroom wasn't too far down and he almost busted down the door as he went in and headed towards a stall.

Reaching into his pants he had just intended on adjusting himself, thankful that he hadn't soaked the sweats as well, but at his touch he shuddered. He quickly leaned back and pushed his clothes down grabbing himself roughly. It only took a few strokes to push him to the point and he only by luck happened to grab some toilet paper to catch the thick stream that came out. Shaking slightly he made sure that he hadn't spilled any and adjusted himself.

After washing up and splashing some cold water on his face he finally felt ready. When he walked out she was waiting for him.

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