Princess and the Punk Ch. 3.2  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 3.2

Rob woke up and glanced over at the clock, 5:00. He groaned and rolled over trying to fall back asleep. Sense he'd met Jenny he'd found it difficult to sleep. He dreamt of her every night, which hadn't made work easy. Not that work was any break either. Every dark haired girl reminded him of her and after a few days had become her. Everywhere he went he saw her.

Finally he just called in for work and came back up to crash at Josh's. While technically his apartment, when his boss had offered him the space above the club, he couldn't really turn it down. It made heading to work during rush hour literally to walking down the stairs. He had decided that he'd spend the weekend at the bar that he had seen her at and just prey that she came back.

After a few minutes of staring at the wall he decided he'd just get up. Pulling sweats on over his boxers he headed out to the kitchen. He scratched his head as he stood there trying to figure out what he was going to eat. While he and Josh were pretty close friends, he certainly didn't keep much around for eating. Flipping through a few take-out menus he found a to-go for a place called Moe's. It looked decent enough and wasn't too far away.

Heading back to his room he pulled on a shirt and put his boots on. This early there was no sense in getting too dressed up so he headed out, grabbing a jacket and beanie. It was a few blocks away and he pulled his coat tightly around him. He hated this time of year, it was too cold and to fake. Christmas music blared into the streets when a shop door opened and he grumpily speed his pace.

Once he finally reached the diner he took a seat at the counter. A fat, old greasy man was cooking and there were a few business men and women going over newspapers and drinking their coffees. A plump older woman came up to him.

"What'll ya have sweetie?" She barked in a thick Brooklyn accent.

"What's good?" He asked looking over a menu.

"Just depends sweetie. Hey Joey, what'll it be for the kid?" She stepped out of the way and the cook turned and looked him over before giving a wave. "Well, there ya go. I'll get ya a coffee sweetie."

He shrugged and hoped whatever he was going to be having would be good. When she came back with his coffee he drank it slowly watching the cook. It turned out that he was having eggs over easy, sausage links and a waffle. As he ate he listened to the banter of diner. Thankfully there wasn't Christmas music playing, but the talk show wasn't much to listen too. He had just gotten a refill when a girl walked to the back booth.

He caught the sight of auburn hair and watched her. Like usual, it was Jenny. He watched amused as she looked over the menu even though the waitress had already brought food to her. At her laugh his attention sparked. He watched as she flipped through a newspaper, skipping over most of it. Something must have struck her because she started laughing and muttered to herself shaking her head. He watched her closely as she read over obviously the comics as she'd laugh while eating.

When the waitress asked him he'd like another refill he nodded.

"Who's the girl in the corner?" He casually asked.

The waitress smiled. "That'd be Jennifer." She saw his eyes widen as he stared at her and added, "She's single if you're interested. Might I suggest the bowl of strawberries?"

He numbly nodded. He hadn't been sure if was his Jenny but when the waitress had said strawberries his mind went into a haze. Jenny had smelled sweetly of strawberries and true the bar was just several blocks away, but he couldn't bring himself to believe that it could be her.

He had been staring at his coffee trying to decide if he wanted to go say anything to her when he heard her laughing again. Looking up he saw her leaned up on the counter talking to the cook. He watched as the waitress came back and she started begging her to tell. He laughed when she put on a pouting face and then took a deep, and burning, drink when she looked over at him. After she had turned around he went back to staring at his coffee trying to decide what he'd say to her.

'Hi, my name's Rob. You look so much like this girl I'm obsessed with, do you wanna fuck?' He smirked to himself and took another sip from his coffee. He looked over to where she had been and then felt someone sit down next to him. Turning he looked his Jenny in the eyes.

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