The Steven Seagal Blues  

rm_SergeantSam 48M
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5/27/2006 9:43 pm
The Steven Seagal Blues

You may have heard that Steven Seagal is now a blues artist. Yes, this is the same Steven Seagal who has “acted” in such epics as “Above the Law,” “Hard to Kill,” and the “Under Siege” film franchise.

Ladies, I know that many of you would jump at the chance to find out what’s in his akido uniform. I have to admit the guy is intense if a bit one-dimensional, and has that stylish mix of rugged good looks with a metrosexual flavor that plays well to female audiences. All the same, it’s hard to imagine him singing about being drunk at the local bar because his ol’ lady lef’ ‘im without also picturing him whipping out some bad ass clothesline moves on some dirt bag. The images don’t mix well.

Despite his acting foibles his musical talent is actually pretty obvious. I didn’t know what I was listening to when they played one of his latest tunes on the radio one day. Frankly, I was wondering where I could get a copy and was waiting to hear the artist. It floored me when I found out. Once you get past the fact he’s just another white guy singing about shit he knows nothing about, it’s not bad.

So, while his movie career might be Half Past Dead, The Glimmer Man is Out for a Kill with his new album, and he is not Above the Law. He’s made the Executive Decision after having Dreams of Tibet, and has ventured out On Deadly Ground and many thought he was Marked for Death, but he’s up to The Challenge. Having the Fire Down Below he’s going Into the Sun at the Black Dawn, following the Path Beyond Thought into the Belly of the Beast, Submerged and Out of Reach. So while he may be Under Siege for being The Foreigner to the blues, you’ll find no Exit Wounds because this guy’s music is Hard to Kill.

Did I miss any?

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