Suggestive Refrigerator Magnet Poetry  

rm_SergeantSam 48M
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5/27/2006 10:07 pm
Suggestive Refrigerator Magnet Poetry

Summer Evening Lullaby

Summer evening showers;
Wild tendrils of liquid sound, are a
Slender blue secret song through the glass.
Within the walls, we are
Teaching want with consuming tongues,
As only new lovers are
The beads of sweat our rosary, and the
Mattress our altar; we are
Become a pronounced blossom full and red
Summer evening showers our lullaby

Ok, so I embellished this a little but it did originate on the 'fridge a couple years ago. It was good so I kept it.

Can you tell what kind of mood I was in? I'm still in that mood, damn it all!

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