Confessions of a smiler  

rm_Sensicurean 35M
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8/4/2006 6:45 pm
Confessions of a smiler

What is it about a smile? Today while talking to my apartment-complex manager about mundane moving-out stuff, I noticed that she wore a constant subtle smile. I consider her an upbeat and friendly person; perhaps the smile makes her seem that way. She even seemed friendly while informing me that I would have to pay for the hole I knocked in the wall while learning to do a handstand.

Does friendliness cause the smile, or vice versa? I’ve been experimenting: while walking across campus I smile, in my most genuine way, at everyone I pass by. This is much easier to do when a woman is passing by (I would almost be more comfortable chest-butting a strange guy than smiling at him)! To my surprise many people smile back.

Despite the ugliness in the world, I believe people have an innate need to be accepted and loved–to be among friends. A smile says, “I like you,” or, “You make me happy.”

At least I think so. Scenario 1:
  • Me: *smiles* (“I like you; you make me happy. Thank you for being you.”
  • Her: *smiles* (“What a friendly guy! Thanks for being friendly!”

    Or, Scenario 2:
  • Me: *smiles* (“I like you; you make me happy. Thank you for being you.”
  • Her: *smiles* (“What is that hanging from his nose? Booger Boy! HAHAHA!”

    That people can do this with strangers suggests that we really need to hear this, and that we accept it readily when offered. Is this why we like the Mona Lisa?

    Sex can communicate these feelings as well, since we are being intimately accepted and loved by someone. Sex is a whole-body smile!

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