a past experience  

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1/20/2006 6:45 am

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a past experience

She contacted me via e-mail and we arranged to meet the following week. I was surprised at how attractive and sexy she looked. Seems hubby wasn't totally pleasing her and she had been getting off by herself to supplement her love life for several years now. Now she wanted more but didn't want to take a chance screwing someone else as she thought she would feel she was'cheating'on her husband. The idea of masturbating in front of and with a person sounded exciting and as she wouldn't actually be having intercourse, her conscience wouldn't bother her as she had been 'taking care of her own business' for some time now.
We met at the public boat launch parking area just outside of town and parked next to each other so we could talk easily. Tina (not her real name), was slouched down in her seat and I could see she had started without me. It didn't take long for her to get really going with her 'george' toy, and I must confess it really turned me on. I asked to join her in her car and she said OK, taking a small washcloth with me, I just about tripped over myself to get there. She was working up a storm and it didn't take me long to get going either. WE were looking at each other through half closed eyes as I started getting close to the first orgasm that afternoon. It was difficult holding back for her but as she through her head back with that soft moan of release, it was time. She was watching as I squirted a full load into the washcloth with a moan of my own. Even though we were finished for the moment, neither attempted to cover up, and we sat there catching our breath. She was still working ol 'george' slowly then suddenly picked up the pace for her second orgasm. We spent quite a bit of time together and have met several times since. There is no jealousy, no hard feelings, and no feelings of being disloyal to our spouses from these encounters. Just two friends getting together for a good time, sharing a bit of life and happiness and orgasms together. I look forward to meeting someone on this site to share similar times as well.

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That's what they call exhibitionism-voyeurism right?

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