Internet VS Reality  

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4/17/2005 10:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Internet VS Reality

I am new to all this and would like to first just say hi. My reason for doing this is because I have formed some solid relationships since I began using the internet in 1981. For those who remember back then forms of contact were nothing like we have today as far as chat rooms , messengers etc.

My problem is I notice that you can feel really close to some that you meet online but when it comes to a reality type situation you really don't feel this person sharing your same interests and you begin to feel betrayed as if these people are just playing games with you to subside their own boredom.

So what I would like you to do if you read this is to sit back and think about how many people you have met that you would die for or they for you. Surprisingly you will see it is a very low number and I am assuming you may get at least 1.

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