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5/24/2006 7:56 pm

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edition (3)

well making news this edition...

...was my birthday last thursday. spent the wednesday prior with a lovely lady down at the rhino room & elephant walk. that thursday night i saw the living end, gyroscope & kisscassey gig which was damn fine! Living end were not as good as they were at the BDO but ow man gyroscope, hell the living end didnt need to play afterwards, they were that good!

...saturday was my birthday pub crawl which was good, a few good mates came out & had a good time. just a shame that the city was 'pumping' (aka pretty lame). meh

...another birthday dinner, this time for the above mentioned lovely lady, which was good fun

...no giddy giddy since the last posting but working on it with the above mentioned lovely lady (aw how sweet). no im not booked yet (not me! its her! weird ey, all this 'dont want to go the next step' stuff, haha its all fun isnt it ladies & gentleman) although am trying hehe.

...my fridge & one of my cubboards is completely filled with grog. some might like i have a drinking problem; i say people like giving me grog for my birthday. plenty of good times ahead. the picture is of my cubboard lol

...my mates girlfriend's 21st is this saturday & im invited. promises to be a wicked night (open bar woo!) & apparently lotsa single ladies

till next time...

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