Ice Cubes  

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5/11/2006 8:29 pm

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Ice Cubes

Its a Frday night i'm bored sitting at home watching T.V,The phone rings its you (Female Name),you tell me that you just landed in Regina and
you'll be here over nite,your at the Delta Hotel,and you want to see me,I tell you i'll be right over,
I'm so excited I may cum in my pants before I get there.I make my way to your room ,you open the door your naked and man you
smell good ,you notice I have 5 Neck ties with me,you ask me what those are for with a smile on your face i whisper
to you,to not say a word and to follow my instructions exactly as i tell shake your head
yes,I tell you to sit in the middle of the bed facing the foot...i hand you a tie a black one....i
tell you to blindfold yourself,your starting to sweat your pulse is racing,you've always dreamed
of this
I tell you to lay down on the bed ,to put your hands and ankles on the four corners of the do,
i very slowly starting with your wrists tie you to the corners of the can't move in any direction
now you are totally at my mercy
You feel my tongue gently licking to inside of your thighs,you can't wait till i cram my
face into your hot wet cunt,but wait i'm not moving up i'm moving down your legs....I get to
your toes you feel them one at a time slip into my warm mouth,you like this its new,I work from
one foot to the next but pay most attention to the are very wet and feel like you
could cum right now,i stop and stand up..I tell you to stay very still i have to get something
from the bathroom...I'm gone just a few seconds...but it feel like its been feel me
move between your legs,you feel the a drop of water splash on your belly,its very cold and you tense
up..then drip onto your right then left nipple....your mind is rushing you smell my cologne in the air,all
your senses tingling...i touch your lips its very cold,you realize its an ice cube...i pull it away,you
don't know where i am,then you feel the coldness on your is touching you melting slowly,and
running down across your lips....i move it down and slowly use it to part your lips with...its very cold
but you are getting so turned on..all of a sudden i push it deep inside you with 2 of my fingers you can
feel it melting,i get on you ,i have my cock in my hand i'm going to insert it inside it comes
you moan loudly,the sensation of the ice melting and my hard cock is more than you can erupt
intensely ,you have no control your pulling on your bindings but can't move the pleasure is more than you
can handle,i start to move in and out of you again pushing deeper and deeper,i want to cum in you so bad!!!
you are in lustful bliss ..i keep going faster and just before you cum i slow down and make you drop back
down then i speed up again bringing you back and forth from the brink of ecstasy....i let you come because
i'm in control and you know it.....a half hour goes by my hard cock teasing you ,i let you come again....
I thrust hard and keep thrusting harder and faster its my turn to cum.....OMG we both cum together the
most earth shattering climax we have ever experienced....I pull the blindfold off and look into your eyes,i
kiss you gently,undo your wrists...we lay there in each others are and fall asleep...totally satisfied...
Till morning that is your legs are still tied spread apart.

skcpl2watchU 41M/44F

6/9/2006 7:50 pm

I had a friend try this with a popsicle once! Awesome story!

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