ancient curse-may you live in interesting times.  

rm_Saphire185 57F
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3/6/2006 8:53 pm
ancient curse-may you live in interesting times.

Ive lost my old dog twice in the snow. He's old enough to be dead. But wants one last lay. Even now on the way to work---he's missing. Sent oldest children and a pregnant p queen, and stripper to look. It helps bring the neighboors. I honestly don't know, what he's doing.
I'm starved for warm weather, beaches, and a smile. By the end of the week I should be up to the neck in numbers, I see them in my sleep. Does anyone know a joke??? Wait I have one, you should see a l2 yr old dog, limping front and back, and a l9yr boy in 2 different sized shoes, and one big size underwear, and one pants running after. With my daughter, in no shoes swearing about frozen feet. And the 2 other girls, stopped for pozes. All at midnight,all down my street. Hey take a laugh where u can.

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