Its a guy thing! Isn't it?  

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1/8/2006 9:46 am

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Its a guy thing! Isn't it?

I always promised myself I would blog a bit, if only to prove to the other bloggers that insane ramblings are pretty universal.
Then it occurred to me that LIFE pretty much is universal, including the ups and downs of everything from screeching profanities at 2am in apartment blocks to pinching her panties under the table at restaurants. We all do it at one point or other, and still we say things like "you wouldn't understand!" Bollox.

Almost everything I have done, from the mundane to the freaky, at some point I have met someone else that has done it too. Twice!

So why the hell bother to write a blog? I suppose if 10 people cooked lasagne, mine would still be the best, but that dont make the other 9 bad, I'll always like the familiarity of mine, yet never say no to a taste of someone else's... you never know.

Sort of like, show me yours.. and I'll show you mine. Its the one time when you win both ways... if theirs is better, you got a peachy look. If its not, you both know yours is.

this is all so much Yada Yada then, but since it is the first entry I'm feeling very Hemingway, long ramblings suddenly peaking. Of course that depends on weather it peaks or not.

The Saphallic ( Sapho + phallic ) duo, is myself an the missus..pictured in her glory above, who pretty much loves any opportunity to get it on. I had to stop her wearing white shorts at one point, otherwise everyone could see not only what was on her mind! Untill I thought better of it and decided to give in to my voyeuristic tendencies and let her explore her own.
She had previously not been very extrovert.

It wasn't really untill digital photography came of age.. heh heh.. (and I think most members will recall a time when you needed to "know" someone to get prints of your naughties)..that we began to really open up. Its amazing what a good cell cam and bluetooth can do for you these days.

The first time we messed around with the cell cam, I expected a bit more resistance, and was amazed at how soon she was moving lamps around.. its all about lighting sweety.. to get better shots, and rummaging for different outfits.
Needless to say, once we layed our hands on a new sony handicam, it was almost a Spielberg epic. My gawd... we had even had

So the only thing I really got to blog about really, is what we have done so far. The photo on the profile is pretty much one of the first, and its where I'll start.

We were sitting up late one evening, chillin in the age ol' African way. (herbs are your friend) when I noticed I could see up her skirt. Normally this is common, but since she wasn't actually aware that I was looking at her pantied mound, I found myself incredibly turned on. I moved positions a few times to eventually get the best position. My movements eventually caught her curiosity, and she asks me what I'm doing? So being honest BoB that I am, I say its none of her business what I'm doing, as long as she keeps her legs up. but since she knows now, voyeurism is gone, so I go to phase 2. Photography.
I pick up cam and tell her to open her legs more, cos I'm gonna photo her panties. No argument, just skirt riding up and panties exposed. A few shots of panties, quickly becomes hands in panties. I find eventually trousers are too small for me. hands in panties are visible now, cos panties are pulled one side.In my haste to expose breasts, there is tearing of straps on top, which makes for even more pleasure as her breathing gets deeper, along with her fingers. At this point all her fingers are wet, and her so are her panties. I lift her legs to my shoulders and grab the hem of her skirt, pulling strong it comes up her legs quickly, and I place her legs on the floor now... wider. With her legs wider and planted now, she can work on herself better, and she does not waste time to get more fingers in herself, I am rigid and leaking now, the slime has run down my shaft to the base by now, but cannot dare to touch yet! Her scent is overpowering now, mixed with mine it is intoxicating, but the sight of her panties sliding down her legs to her ankles, where they stay, while she continues to please herself is almost too much, but she is on office swivel chair with wheels and I as continue to photo my mind is urgently seeking method for consumation. I realise chair I am on is slightly higher, but will try anything. Pulling her thighs open and forward, the chair just rolls toward me, my prize open and ready, the height suddenly is not an issue, I find I can penetrate easily, and with little pressure. She is able to rock on the chair giving us more pleasure, but the scene is too intense for me now, she has reached point of climax, and I am not long behind, as she finishes I stand up and offer her my member for her mouth, she is eager, but it is not long, I barely manage to clear her breasts before I unload my cum across her chest in short bursts, that feel like my balls have been squeezed dry.

Afterwards, she asks me why It must be on her chest? So I say, we were playing out a fantasy, and in fantasy, guys always come on tits!?

Its a guy thing!?

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1/8/2006 3:39 pm

not for everyone...

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