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9/8/2005 8:44 pm

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Good Afternoon, it's Bill
Wife and I were discussing the myths of Masturbation after a mutual session. The results:

-Masturbation causes hair to grow on your palms (if that were true, I'd find a way to masturbate with the top of my head)
-Masturbation causes your penis to stop growing (or) to get bigger (WOW, a dual personality penis)
-Masturbation causes sexually transmitted diseases (HELLO?)
-If you masturbate too much, you'll run out of semen and become sterile (OK, so I won't get a vascectomy, I'll just masturbate till I'm sterile, wife will go with that one)
-People can tell whether you masturbate by how your penis looks (It does tend to cause an erection, but that usually goes away when you're finished)
-You'll go blind and need glasses (if you're blind wtf with the glasses?)
-You'll go to hell (he, he, he)
-Hardly Anyone masturbates (I'm sure Mr Anyone is in the minority)
-Only males masturbate (you haven't met my wife)
-Only homosexuals masturbate (so do bisexuals, heterosexuals, dogs (dry humping) and monkeys.. THANK YOU)

Any more anyone?

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