Getting to know AFF.  

rm_Sandiaman1 44M
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4/16/2006 12:08 am
Getting to know AFF.

I have had my account for a long time but I just nevered tried anything with it. THe past two months have been very cool to me. I have been chatting with some great people!
I have had my eye on one woman for about three days now maybe a week. She has been very interesting. She gets me all school boy excited.I love it.

Why the hell is there no New Mexico chatroom? I like to chat to AZ. SHOUT to Panthrax. It is great to chat with Texas too. Another one to Austinkitty HI ya and Pagan. I really love the mornings with theese people. But what the hell New Mexico where are you people?!?!? SLEEPING?!?!?

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