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Buyer Beware

Last year I went to Branson MO with my son, mom and step-dad. My mom is always getting free hotel nights in exchange for touring some new resort package. You know the time-share kind. Anyway...being naive that I am, when we were there we stopped at a shop that advertised discounted show tickets. Well I am always up for a discount, so I signed up for four free tickets. But the kicker is, I had to sit through a three hour presentation. No problem I thought, my mom had to go sit through their presentation at the same time. I was highly encouraged to bring my son. They said they had a whole play station area set up. Fine. So off my son and I went the next morning at 9am. Our sales lady was this small, soft spoken, southern women maybe in her 40's. She was really interested in what I did for a living and she seemed to know all about my profession and had family that did the same thing. Then she showed us her portfolio of her son, who is supposedly a magician.

Then came the pitch of other resorts we would be able to vacation to. I know of a few ladies at work who have time shares in Hawaii and Florida, and actually was a little curious to how it all works. Things were going good, until I started to notice all the hype when someone did purchase a time share. Champagne corks were popped and everyone clapped. This would be ok, but when you saw the people who were buying the time-shares, you wondered if there were going to be able to afford it. I am not being judgmental on their looks, I am talking about it was like families of five or six kids. The husband had his wife beater on, and the mullet was rockin'. point is, I was feeling like this place really took advantage of people.

After three hours had passed and I hadn't even seen the property, I politely stated that we had plans soon and can we see the property. Boy did the sales lady tone change quickly. I think at this point she even started growing horns. I then stated that I needed more information and that I would read it over. She stated that this is a one time only thing and that the state of MO prohibited them from giving out written information. RED FLAG. Then I said that I don't make rush decisions and didn't like being pressured. After that the lady left and I assume, 'the closer' came in...he was charming for the first five minutes and then changed his tone as the end of it all, I was accused of playing the circuit and running a scam myself with getting free show! caught me, my 11 year old and I am running a scam...At first I just wanted to get out of there and tell them to shove their free tickets up their &*&^. But then I thought, I just wasted four hours of my time as well as got harassed for the last hour. I definitely earned those tickets. So after all that, we got our tickets to a show that was to be Bransons version of Cirque Ole..or something like that. It was pretty good. Not Vegas style by all means..but still good.

Guess who just called me...the same resort..would I be interested in coming to Branson on them to view their new property? HMMMM....I just might have to take them up on their offer.....but I need to come up with a better excuse of why I am not

BIG ANNOYANCE: Why is it when there is a four lane highway, people in Nebraska feel that they should use both lanes. HELLO...the left lane is a passing lane, the right lane is the cruising lane. Nothing is more annoying than being stuck behind a car in the passing lane that is dead even with the car in the right lane.

If you can't laugh, what's the fucking point!

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