Passionate Kissing  

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7/21/2005 3:28 am

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Passionate Kissing

No...I did not ever intend a chaste kiss,
but rather one that would make you feel
the whirlwind dervish scirroco longing
that had stripped me of my skin and breath
so perhaps next time you would dally.
I did not sense your need,
could not feel your desire
until I took your face in my hands
and put all that wanting
into a kiss to strip the chrome
off that purple creature of yours.

And there it was so tasty and hot
that longing to taste tease arch
belly deep and aching sweet
and you were half afraid to speak of it...
the hour so late, sure I was half dead
until I became a lioness
half growling, half purring
and if you would not have me
by god, I would have you.

Oh I love the straining pressure
some wild thing that must escape
fighting for air and light
and oh you touched me
tough and tender
and I climbed into your lap
a demon woman determined
to climb to heaven in your arms.

You let me control it...
let me brush away your hands
all lips, hips tips aching
from the touch of your tongue
oh yes...teeth...a small pain
but the wave that swept me then
made me scream
throw back my head
and let you carry me
in powerful arms
to the soft weeping of angels
and the ragged drag of our breath
when the words were not enough
to quench the raging blood
the pulsing belly deep need
that left wanting
a small a sallow thing
and let me touch your soul
one more time.

rm_teacher4u78 39M

7/21/2005 4:06 pm

Ya something about the way you write draws me in as well. The legnth made me thing twice but something drew me in. Very nice.

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