How You Make me Feel  

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2/20/2006 7:27 pm

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How You Make me Feel

When I was wrapped up in your arms,
I felt safer than ever before.
When you stared into my eyes, its a feeling I could'nt ignore.
That sparkle in your eyes were ever more,
The smile on your face, told me more.
I know this isn't just a game,
because, what I feel for you,
I never felt with anyone else.
When I was close to you I was overwhelmed with happiness.
You were, what I've was waiting for my whole life.
You're someone I can share my love with,
and you took away my fears.
Words can't express how much I cared for you.
But, through this short amount of time,
I hope you realize that my love for you is real.
I was not with you to play games,
and I hope you felt the same.
With you, is where I wanted to be,
because I thought I found someone who cared just for me.
You gave me all the reason in the world
to believe that you won't hurt me in anyway.
And if I ever lost you,
I didn't know what I would do.
You probably think I am crazy,
but truthfully I'm not.
The time that "we" were together, was a wonderful new experience for me.
I couldn't believe what I was feeling,
It was different than anything , I ever felt,
because it was with you, and something I
thought that could be. Something we both wanted.
You got scared and ran the other way.
But now it's over, and never will be.
All I want now, is friends for us to be,
and that, you don't want to be.
All I wanted to see in this world,
was no one else but you and me.
Our lives must go on. Hugs.

Lovingly and passionately-shortblond69

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