Happy New Year---Holidays-Seasons  

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12/30/2005 10:13 am

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Happy New Year---Holidays-Seasons


I'am here to wish all of you all across the universe who are AdultFriendFinder members, where ever you may be, a very Joyous, Happy, Blessed, Beautiful, Healthy, and Wonderful New Year in 2006........from my heart to yours.

Throughout all the years here, and reading emails, and the blogs, and posting here and there, I want to Thank You all for reading mine from time to time. I have noticed NO ONE was thankful during Thanksgiving, nor anyone wishes anyone a Merry Christmas any more (except one..{=}{=} thank you caretaker), and who knows about New Years? What is the World coming to?? Well , by now, alot of you know me here, personally or just by a letter (email) and know that I have a heart for many people across the country. I have met alot of people and many have become "special" friends to me and will never be forgotton.

All of us have endured our share of problems this past year, weather they were finances, health issues, family matters, work, etc. etc. but no matter what they were , never give up your faith in God to pull you through all of them, he will always be there by your side, and guide you through. We all have made many friends on here, and a true friend will always be there for you, to let you cry on their shoulder or just listen....we all have em....Many of you are my friends, and will never be forgotton, even if I never hear from you in 2006

One thing I always keep close to my heart is this saying: "You can't win by holding back your feelings because you never know when someone's feelings may be the same way about you."
"Somewhere Theres Someone Who Dreams Of Your Smile , and Finds In Your Presence That Life Is Worth While" "You have Come Into My Life For A Reason As I Have Yours."....If It Is Meant To Be, Then It Will Be!!

I wish each and everyone of you, a New 2006 Year, Filled with Love, Happiness, Laughter, Friends, Fun, and Good Health! Here's a Toast ^5 to all of you....Hugs and Kisses {=}{=} From my Heart to Yours..Take Care and Happy Blogging....shortblond69 {=}{=}

P.S. Everyone going out for a New Years Party, Please be safe and drive careful, Drink sensibly, as I would love to see you back here in 2006. Have fun!! Me? I am babysitting all week end, so I'll be safe and sound at home, but you can have a toast for me...{=}{=} shortblond69

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