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To become the person
You are truly meant to be,
You must be subjected to
Life's trials and tribulations
Stumbling along the way,
Experiencing love and heartache,
To appreciate all that you had ...
And that of which you have yet to attain,
Never allowing life's lessons
To shatter your dreams ...
Embracing Destiny

When fate throws you a curve,
And it's not within your master plan ...
Heave it back

It is within each of us,
To determine what is desirable for us individually
Life and love is meant to be cherished,
Sharing with all those you adore

Whether you choose to forge your path alone
Or hand in hand with person of choice
Doing it with enthusiasm
Is truly paramount

Live your life to the fullest
As if it were your last day of mortality
For each day is truly a precious gift
Fear not the unknown,

Embrace Destiny and make it your own.

Passionately and warmly Shortblond69

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