So, You wanna be spanked -Take it from me ladies - there is a RIGHT WAY to be spank!!  

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So, You wanna be spanked -Take it from me ladies - there is a RIGHT WAY to be spank!!

So, You wanna be spanked -Take it from me ladies - there is a RIGHT WAY to be spank!

What is it about spanking that is so fun for you, ladies?
I was never spanked as a child. My mother never used corporal punishment.

I would be willing to bet that all of the girls gotten a spanking at one time or another growing up.

But, what is it about grown ups spanking each other that turn most of us on?

Well, one thing is the physical effects of receiving a spanking...the body, if it feels any form of discomfort/pain, will release endorphins into the bloodstream. These hormones act as a counter-agent to pain, causing feelings of pleasure and euphoria;like long distance runners talk about 'runner's high'-it's the same thing...the body is producing hormones to ease discomfort.

But, what about the person giving the spanking?

Well, speaking as a hot blooded male, the sensations associated with having a lady's ass sunnyside up in my lap, trembling as she awaits the first spank, are almost overwhelming.
I can feel her warmth against my lap, feel her wriggle each time I spank her. I can hear her sighs and yelps each time I spank her ass. And yes, as she becomes more aroused, I can smell her excitement.

There are many times where spanking play can work...imagine a naughty schoolboy/girl and a stern teacher, a rude child and the strict parent...scenarios like that are the kindling for many a good night's fun...or weekend, if you've got the time.

But, if you're not into role play, don't fret.
If your partner is intrigued by the idea of spanking...there are penty of spanking games, like; spanking 8ball, slidSkat (a stripping and spanking card game) or spanking sports bets.
Well, what are you waiting for? Now is as good a time as any!!!!
Spanking Tips from a PROFESSIONAL
Get comfortable - If your partner is going to get a cramp holding their body in a certain position while you turn their backside red, then all your fun work will be for nothing.
If your partner will be more comfortable lying on a pillow, for instance, get a damn pillow!!! Maybe he/she doesn't want to lie across your lap...have them lie on the bed...
or bent over the back of a chair holding the seat...or over the arm of a couch or better an incline bench with straps.
The possibilities are endless!!!!

You're having fun, not smashing coconuts here ladies!! - Okay, your partner's across your lap, naked ass up and what?

Well, hopefully, you've talked over what you're going to do and know where each of your limits are, so if things get out of hand, you can stop.
Start off can always build up as you go along.
Obviously, rub your hands together to ensure that they're warm when they connect with his/her skin.
Don't smack the same area over and over ...try smacking your forearm in the same spot for a couple of minutes...hurts, doesn't it?
Now try hitting different areas on your forearm...a little better, right?

By keeping your hand solid and slightly cupping your hand, you ensure a nice sound, a slight sting and a whole lot of pleasure
Although right-handed people tend to use their right hands, you can opt to use whichever hand you're more comfortable with -- or even both, just not at the same time.

In my experience, the bottom of the ass cheeks (where the top of the thigh and the bottom of the asscheek join) is the perfect target zone for your bare hand spanking, paddling and even caining. The thighs down to just above the knee are also good targets.
The derriere is, of course, the main attraction...just make sure to not only vary where you hit, but the intensity of your spankings. I never go above the top of the ass...could cause too much pain hitting the backbone. could break the tail, and if you hit the sides above the ass you can damage the splean or blatter. (no fun there, trust me).

Every now & then, just gently caress your partner's rear end. Not only can you feel the heat, but the contrast in sensations will drive your partner crazy.

Remember that you're aiming for the meatiest part of his/her ass, which is the middle and low near the genitalia, the bounce after awhile can cause an orgasmic feeling.

After you actually slap his/her asscheek, rub the area with your hand for a moment before you attempt to have another go at it.

Aftercare - You've had your fun and you're both lying there spent and exhausted.

Remember, your partner has a case of the red ass!!!

Something that works better than over the counter creams/lotions for dry skin/chapped skin is Aloe works good.

As with some BDSM play, there could be bruising from a spanking. TLC is the word here...if your partner trusted you enough to let you spank them, show the consideration and caring to make them feel better.

I know that some like to use paddles, strops, crops and such, but that is something for a different time. Just be sure that if you try spanking your it safely, sanely, and consensually.

Have fun...take that gluteus to the maximus...burn baby, BURN!!!!!

jasminescent1953 64F

6/17/2006 7:01 pm

mmmmmmm very very good advice. As a lady who has had just a few spankings I have already experienced the man that spanked repeatedly the same spot and I did not enjoy that. Getting spanked is an arousal method and not needed all the time but when in the mood...mmmmmmmmm......nothing better. I hope men here take heed and read your blog. Thankyou from me and all the other ladies out here for appreciating and taking care of our " asses".

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11/18/2006 9:04 am

Well, this blog is for the ladies and the best way to learn how to spank their other or seblings is not on the web there is no website that teach the techniques of good spankings... but ma'am if you like to print out this lesson for your men as your teaching aide how you would like to be spank, you have my permission to do so ... but remember where the source came from... a PROFESSIONAL....

If you or other ladies would like my FOR LADIES ONLY, AND MUCH MORE Spanking lessons, live with me.... you can FEEL what a REAL SPANKING should feel like ... I am in Las Vegas ... and I am here for you...


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