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2/25/2006 11:00 pm

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unexpected sex

i was just returning from my office and i found very stranger in front of my house. As no one is available in my house i started to looking at her and she knowingly smiled at me. I just went inside my house and after 15 minutes i came out to see that lady is still standing there waiting for a taxi. I stared at her and she moved towards my house and heart is tense now. She just inquired a address for which i invited her inside of my house to show the road map. She also came in and just sat down on the sofa. i just closed the door and locked it. i brought the map and showed it to her .While viewing the map she came very close to me and i saw her breasts in close and i got tempted to touch touch it but my fear drive it away. Suddenly she hold my hand and smiled at me. This is the green signal i received from her and i too hugged her immediately. She said we both know what we want at this moment and not to waste a second as she has to reach the spot in another one hour. I gave her a kiss of her life and she responded losing control of all her senses and just leaned on me backwardly and i hugged her firmly as she is leaning as if for a backward dive in swimming. I thought she is very horny and it hungry for sex and i lifted her to my bed room.She immediately undressed me and i too slowly undressed her . She is really beautiful and all her assets are presented for my eyes to enjoy. My body got heated up and she started sucking my penis.i took 69 position and her sucking becomes wild as if it is her last intercourse. After few minutes her eyes are constantly looking at my body and my penis and she gave a very tight hug and without waiting she took my penis in her hand and inserted in to her and mover her body violently as if she is riding a horse. I was just laid down on my back and enjoying every thrust she is giving.She just bent and kissed me heavily and whispered that she is enjoying every inch of my body.That triggered me and i just rolled her and took man on top position. I fucked her heavily in different pose and she started weeping in joy . I never seen a women before with such satisfied eyes while fucking is going on . I think she is reaching the climax and her thighs are becoming close and asked me to fuck nonstop . With a smile on her face she said never a man fucked her before like this and she gave her mobile number and promised me that anytime she is available for me. I too liked her fucking as she withstand nearly 45 minutes of hard fucking and gave good company.
I thought it is a lucky day and thanked God for make me happy this evening.

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2/26/2006 11:39 pm

good fantasy

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